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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, September 25, 2002 at 2:35 pm by flerly.

I’m drinking dust
With eyes of rust
Tonight my tears might stain your wings
So flutter home
‘Cause you’re better off alone than with me

I cannot believe it’s after two o’clock. What a freaking day… what a freaking mood.

I’m ret ta go…

On the bright side, I discovered that if I leave my contacts out, wear glasses to work, and just bring my contact stuff, that I can get to work much earlier and just waste time here putting them in.

On the darkside… oh yeah.. I mean.. On the other hand, I had to be at work early to be on time for a conference call with the Raleigh folks about their site. Other than running back and forth to the fax, the call went fine… until I managed to catch my industrial-sized styro-coffee cup with my phone cord and splash my full cup of coffee across the desk, phone, post-its, pictures, wall, trash can… Luckily I missed my paperwork and myself, so I managed to grab the files, stand up, grab nearby tissues to try to build a dam to hold back the coffee from my keyboard, etc., and never miss a beat on the conference call. *whew*

Few minutes later, I hang up, and let the expletives fly as I go to fetch windex and towels.

Lucky for me I was hardly noticed because expletives were flying all across the office as one of our primary servers had a harddrive failure causing massive issues. It’s still not fully restored, so I’m sure customer service has been a blast today – right, skittums?

Anywho.. on the “Other Things that Suck” front.. more good and bad news. Good: Mary called to make sure I was 25 and could rent a car =) Bad: I can’t rent a car w/o a credit card in my name with at least a $1000 limit. Good: She’s trying to work something else out, but Bad: I may end up taxi-ing all over Raleigh. Ick.

Good: the call went well, and I have a much more realistic time table on this project now, but Bad: I have to be at their office for the meeting at 8am, so now I have to fly in the night before. *THIS JUST IN* Well, looks like bad is winning. Just got email no dice on the rental car. There’s a shuttle from airport to hotel, but i’ll be taking a taxi the rest of the time. Oh well.

To Hertz Rent-a-car: I hope you can see this, I’m doing it as hard as I can…

Also on the good/bad front, Tori Amos tickets go on internet pre-sale today, I have the password to buy them, but, alas, nobody wants to go with me, well, but Skittums, and well, she doesn’t think she likes Tori enough to merit the $40 tickets. C’est la vie.

So, since sites are down and I can’t get to my server where I publish mockups for customers to look at, I’ve been basically picking my nose for the past hour or so while the work just piles up. And here I thought I’d get in early to leave early again. Guess we’ll see. I was a little productive and printed out a couple copies of our workout schedule, Magoo.

Oh well. Enough rambling for a single post.


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