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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, September 27, 2002 at 11:17 am by flerly.

Just overheard…

Salesgirl: Yeah, John, one of our customers is on the phone. He just bought a domain name and wants to know how to set up his own email for it.

Engineer John: Um, what? He bought a domain we’re hosting and wants us to setup e-forwarding? You know how to do that, send him a form.

Salesgirl: No, he is a customer, but he has bought another domain. We don’t host it, he wants to set up his own email using that domain. He wants to talk to someone about how to do that.

Engineer John: Tell him to call whoever is hosting is domain. We don’t have any clue how their stuff works. We’re not them. Why call us?

Salesgirl: No. Nobody is hosting the domain. He bought it and wants to host it himself. When he does that he wants to have his own email, too. So, who here knows about that sort of stuff?

Engineer John: What? He wants somebody here to explain to him how to host his own domain and set up an email server? And you don’t see anything wrong with asking me this?!?

Salesgirl: What? Is that like a big job?

Engineer John: Yes. That is a big job. We’re not going to put one of our engineers on the phone to try to explain how to do that, because if he doesn’t even realize what he is asking, then he probably wouldn’t be able to figure it out anyway. Tell him he needs to call whoever is going to host his domain or whoever is helping him set up his own hosting. This has nothing to do with us.

Salesgirl: Oh.



  1. aoide has made a Comment

    Let me guess!!!! Sarah?!?!

    September 27, 2002 @ 4:59 am

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    Deann…though it does sound like a Sarah

    Hey, James can you take a look at my projector? It won’t come on. Usually when it does that I just bang it on the table and it will come on, but it’s not working this time…

    September 27, 2002 @ 7:24 am

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