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It’s Saturday? What happened to the rest of Friday… Oh no.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, September 28, 2002 at 11:11 am by flerly.

I am not your senorita
I am not from your tribe
if you want inside her
boy you better make her raspberry swirl
things are getting desperate
when all the boys can’t be men
everybody knows I’m her friend
everybody knows I’m her man
I’m not your senorita
I don’t aim so high
in my heart I do no crime
if you want inside her
boy you better make her raspberry swirl

Oh mah gawd, I do think I had control of a telephone..

Last night, from the restaurant, after the margaritas had flowed…

Me, making drunken crank calls…

It’s my superpower to appear more sober than I really am

Yeah, tell that to the cops some time. Jeez I can’t believe last night. Cheese posse was a big wad of estrogen and emotions and I think we all left that place ready to tear something up. Did Kit really just flat out ask Bobby if he was gay? That makes twice in 24 hours I have reacted by a dramatic slap of my hands over my own mouth in disbelief. At some point I know the other posse members left me behind while they moved to another table to “apologize” to some poor fellow who’d been seated too close to us, and may have ended up in the path of some thrown chips during a little food fight that ensued.

I remember one server coming up to me while they were gone and asking, “You didn’t drink so much as them? You no burracha?”

I’m thinking well, let’s see three girls and two full pitchers are gone, except really it was two girls to one full pitcher then three girls to the next two half pitchers… Being one of the first two girls, well, that would seem to indicate that I had been sucking the stuff down. I do know that everytime I went to the bathroom, locking myself in that peaceful little quiet room for one, I considered just falling asleep there for a while… so, I must be drunk.

“I’m just not as crazy as they are,” I tell him. And then I picked up the phone again….

Oh lord! There is so much more to relate, but I’ll have to give it all time to settle out of my foggy brain.

How I got home hours later, I vaguely remember. After I got home, I vaguely remember. It seems that I ended up somehow, half-dressed laying in bed watching Friday night bonus Treks in a state of half-wakefulness… which is why I’m not 100% sure whether I actually did end up undressing a man with my teeth for a quick ride…. I do know that I dreamt about him after I know he was gone to work, and in my dream he kept whistling the Next Generation theme…

Here’s where I swear off alcohol … for at least a week.

Viva la Cheeseposse!


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