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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Friday, October 4, 2002 at 5:35 pm by flerly.

Where the hell is my boyfriend?

It is time for cheese, and I’m not going. *shudder* I’m sitting at home, actually finishing a LOT of work as I wait for dear, sweet, to get home so we can leave for our trip.

Well, it’s letting me watch these first season Charmed reruns… these bitches look hungry.. *sorry, possessed by Magoo for a moment* Hrm.. Triquatra, so that’s what that symbol is called. Oh well. Learn something everyday…

Which makes me think…

I’m sitting here looking at a workbook entitled Communicating Professionalism in the Workplace and on the television I am watching Pru Halliwell on Charmed traipse around her business office, surrounded by people in suits, wearing her little strappy black dress. How professional is that? I mean… I was paranoid the other day about not having something dressy enough to wear to a customer meeting, so I went shopping. Well, now, it’s not like I haven’t been in customer meetings before, but never as the sole representative of our company as I was then. Usually I’m just yanked in to consult/explain something/yatta yatta, and if I look halfway decent, it’s not really noticed cuz there are other Comstock folks sitting around in suits.

You know.. I could be having an enchilada and a margarita right now. I’m starting to think that traffic is conspiring to keep me hungry and sober tonight. As if missing cheese twice this week wasn’t bad enough, but actually being in town sitting around while it is happening is almost too much to bear.

Perhaps, I should go pack to get my mind off it.


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