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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, October 8, 2002 at 9:17 am by flerly.

I am going insane.
This shit is all about pain.
I cannot retain as the shit oozes out my brain.
I wish you could be me.
And then as you would see.
How tired I am.

Such interesting things can happen when you get to work early… take for instance a very loud and frustrated sounding phone conversation between Ops Manager and Company Pres. Details would bore most, but suffice it to say that myself and Skittums were part of the topics of conversation… The whole department is behind, I think I’ve complained that everything was given the same priority.. all due now.. because we are “behind”. Except, we aren’t “behind”, it’s not like we’ve been slacking… we are in fact overloaded with more work than our current staff can handle without pulling out all their hair. Thus I complain last week, and yesterday find out they sent a new rework to Brent instead of me… which in a way is good. It means they recognize my workload is high right now, BUT it means they bypassed Skittums who is supposed to be my backup because she is so overloaded with Customer Service issues and new people to train. The Ops manager actually said that Bobby was pushing pretty hard to get out of CS, and since Lloyd had told him he could move, that Paul didn’t feel like he could keep him there, no matter how much CS needs him to stay right now. Paul was yelling in frustration and most memorably said “I’ve done all I am capable of doing. I’ve done the best that can be done with what you give me to work with, and I just got reamed by Lloyd that it wasn’t good enough.”

Wow.. work drama.

Last night an early Viva la CheesePosse!

Early cheese meant we hadn’t all gotten together in a while. Stacy was dying to give out gifts from California, and well, some of us were just dying for queso. We were privy to a visit from their Mariachi band, who really seemed to like us, even playing us another song as we stood in line to pay… but I must say I’m still somehow disturbed at the sound of “Get Your Freak On” coming from a Mariachi guitarist…

Anyway.. it looks like I missed chatting JT again…. fell asleep early watching Spongebob Squarepants, which again led to weird dreams. For some reason I have been so susceptible to dreaming about whatever I fall asleep watching or listening to, it’s just strange. Woke up to find message from JT that warned that his dad would be following him back to Atlanta today (so warn Maggie and Jim!!) to spend the night so he can take some test for his job tomorrow.

Let me just say.. wow. great. fabulous. Tonight my plan was gym, buffy, jt and sleep… looks like that will get screwed. C’est la vie. I’ve learned not to expect much.


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