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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, October 8, 2002 at 9:37 am by flerly.

HOW could I forget to mention the fun that ensued when we got HOME from early Cheese Posse!

I think Maggie hit on it briefly, but hopefully photographic evidence of drunken Jimmy in a funny Kroger hat with his partner in crime, Bruce, will soon be available via the internet. Finding the two drunken sods when I got home was …. entertaining, yes let’s just say that. Having funny-hat-boy follow me practically into the bathroom and insist I need to go buy them more beer was… entertaining, yes that still works. Because it was so… entertaining… I took his visa and consented to go Krogering… even though the sleepiness of cheese was heavy upon me. After we got back and I’d delivered a couple fresh Guinness up to their bedroom (on the way to mine of course) and watched Greedy-McFunnyHatMan pour not one but TWO Guinness into his mug of choice, which is actually a huge measuring cup (also photographed), then I went to pass out in front of some cartoons.

At some point prior to me stripping out of work clothes (thank goodness) my door burst open in a spectacle of Jim and Maggie goofiness where I HAD to see what an interesting thing Jimmy was doing, whence he proceeded to hump things in my room whilst making a funny squeaking noise. Traumatic, yes. They giggled as I shooed them from my room (with a wave of my hand rather than actual throwing of a shoe as I had wanted) and proceeded to try to focus on Spongebob and not continue to hear the echoes of the terrible little squeaking noise.


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