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So.. they treat sex addicts like it’s an obsessive/compulsive disorder…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, October 8, 2002 at 2:44 pm by flerly.

Welcome to the Bryant Street Theater!
Have a fruit rollup!
Aren’t you gonna eat it?
Oh for Chrissakes!

So, Jason’s been drinking fruitpunch or something all morning and has bright red stained lips. He comes over to go over some rework issue and I can’t help but stare, then finally have to ask him.. “are you wearing lipstick?” He blushes and says he’ll never tell. Of course, when I go over to his desk later I can see the 40 oz jug-o-punch he’s got about half-emptied.

So, at lunch Rukhsana and I are sitting across from each other and she asks me quietly, “Is Jason wearing lipstick?” I proceed to giggle immensely, and Jason, a couple seats down, glances our way, but doesn’t inquire. So Rukhsana and I continue our banter about how we haven’t seen lips that red since the 80s and how he really needs some bright blue eye shadow to finish off the look.

Meanwhile.. as we got to lunch, I realized I had no cash, so I tell Rukhsana to order me a water and I walk next door to the ATM. Jason has this compulsive hand-washing thing he does, so when I am getting back to the table, I walk up behind Billy in time to hear him say “Yeah, Jason is missing, too. I’m starting to think those two are doing things together…” I had to bite my tongue not to tell him that we were having a quickie over by the ATM machine, but I was saved by Greg noticing me and saying “There she is.”

So, back from lunch, I tell Jason about his need for eye shadow and he asks why, or more precisely if it’s “some sort of fetish thing”, to which I have to reply that yes, apparently I have it bad for guys with long hair who wear skirts, lipstick and eyeshadow generally making them look like women. I don’t think being called a woman made him too happy. =)


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