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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, October 15, 2002 at 9:11 am by flerly.

Does anyone have some spare perma-grin remover?

Yesterday sucked. Shortly before 5, I was trying to be a caring ear for Skittles venting for work.. as I was doing that, I managed to put live a homepage document with no graphics online.. gotta love those red X’s.

At 5:15, I was on a (thankfully brief) conference call with the NC people… So, what’s the status on the site? We on track? Me thinking, hell no. Didn’t I tell you that if they let me dedicate myself to your project then we were talking three weeks, and, well, we all know they haven’t.

By 5:35 I was being beckoned from across the cubicle walls by Deann, who loudly discussed what she needed of me from over two cubes away. Me thinking, WTF am I still doing here at 5:35 anyway. If I’d left five minutes ago, I would have missed this shit. So, I call Magoo to let her know that there is no fucking way that I will make it to meet her at the gym, even by my latest guestimate of 6pm, since I now have to “brainstorm” on six mockup ideas for a single site, to be quickly cranked out so Lloyd can use them in a presentation on… yup, Wednesday. The time frames on things just keeps getting better.

By 6, Skittles was leaving, still clearly so upset that I couldn’t let her just leave, so we headed out back to talk about what we could do to make things better for ourselves in light of our shitty employer. We had some thoughts, then I think feeling marginally better, she headed out.

Back inside, I am caught in a huge tug-o-war for my attention/information between Horace / Billy / and Jason. Each has their own issue to discuss, and it seems the four of us are the only ones still here. Billy follows me around wanting to know why he saw his name on Jason’s message window when Jason and I were talking.. Were you talking about me? What? What were you talking about? Calm down, Billy. Yes, Jason was telling me what you told him about the movie you saw Friday.. it’s no national conspiracy. So then he wanted to relate the whole thing again to me, personally, since Jason sucks. Jason is messaging me like crazy when I finally just stand up and ask him What?!? across the empty cubeland… Horace is wanting to thank me for advice given and give me the update on the latest developments in the Days of His Life. And yes, did I mention this was all at the same time? All while I was TRYING to finish the single whacked out Lancaster site I’d been working on since, I dunno.. 4 oclock?

Finally, Jason was working, Billy left, Horace got a call… so I managed to sneak back to desk and get to work. It’s going on 7. Then I get a message from JamesT wanting to know if I want to meet for dinner, which sounds like the best thing in the world, so we do it, at 7:30. Not finished with work, mind you, just finished. I think i managed to quit griping about work within 20 minutes of arriving, then had a nice meal.

Got home after 9. Jason still at work. I sign on, he im’s me to come back to work and kill him, so we chat for a bit…. a bit turns into 10 oclock, and finally I just tell him that he’s clearly not working and to go home. Then watched the Charmed and Angel that Magoo was nice enough to tape, then go pump some water for JamesT so he didn’t die of thirst playing counterstrike… *smartass*.

At only shortly after midnight I was ready to pass out.. solo, again.. but not caring from the sleepiness factor, when to my surprise the crazy-cute and fabulous JamesT joins me. I think his quote was.. Are you drunk? Are you high? Are you just psycho? Didn’t you get a shot today? Usually you’re a headachy super-bitch on shot day, but today you’re seriously goofy. I don’t understand it with the day at work you had. Did they give you the wrong shot? Me, unable to stop looking at him, cheeks aching from the smile I can’t manage to wipe off my face just replies, I’m usually a what? What did you call me? I can fix that, ya know. I try to look serious… angry even, but the stupid grin won’t stay gone, and he is laughing at my attempts. So I tell him, and it’s very true… i’m happy because you’re here with me right now.

And then I slept like a baby.


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