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what a great Saturday…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, February 16, 2002 at 11:57 pm by flerly.

Started out blah, but ended up decent…

1) got to SHOP SHOP SHOP with girlblah =)
2) got to check out cool little shops I’ve been wanting to hit
3) got my tax refund =)
4) inspired to clean and organize house
5) got to catch TWO episodes of the funky british show “Changing Rooms” … enjoying the cultural differences of it and “Trading Spaces”
6) FINALLY doing laundry, and it’s not so bad…
7) made an okay drive out to Cowtown to meet Aoide and see Axis II perform. Decided to get tattoo next weekend, en masse.
8) Finally got to meet the infamous Wanda
9) Got a sweet late Valentines card from JamesT’s mom

and now.. it’s going on midnight, and I’ve still got steam and in the mood to unpack/clean.

The last thing I said to HIM before he left for work “You’re not gonna recognize this place tomorrow…’ earned me a “SHYEAH!” — I’ve said that before, of course, and usually the only reason you don’t recognize it is because it’s trashed.

Not tomorrow, boy, if I have to stay up all night! It’s my turn to torment the cat all night for a change.

Oh well.. better say howdy to the working-man, and get on with the inspired cleaning!


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