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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, October 15, 2002 at 11:06 am by flerly.

[10:36] Me: god damn it, i hate lloyd
[10:36] Me: he needs to bite my ass
[10:36] Skittles: heehe
[10:36] Skittles: what is he up to now?
[10:37] Me: hang on
[10:40] Me: it’s too early for me to want to kill so many people
[10:40] Skittles: what is he doing this time
[10:42] Me: last night.. oh.. 5:30ish, deann tells me Lloyd is going to Commonwealth Va so he wants mockups done… so i tell her fine, i’ll have them Wednesday.. he’ll be there Thursday. Today he writes that he wants them now. Today. Top priority.
[10:42] Me: he was upset that they weren’t done… i’m like Sorry i didn’t work all night on them
[10:43] Skittles: i would be like you need something done, go through david rhodes period
[10:43] Me: he’s like.. this rework is dated September, so i’m like.. yes, and i did a mockup in September. I found out LAST NIGHT that they didn’t like it and want other ones.
[10:45] Skittles: yeah, he needs to go through the chain of things just like everyone else
[10:46] Me: he needs to visit maryland and pump some gas
[10:46] Skittles: hahahahah!!!! LOL


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