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our post kama sutra “Jason talk”

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, October 19, 2002 at 2:33 am by flerly.

theflerlyone: y0
bsdnjamest: sup
theflerlyone: us barely
bsdnjamest: just finish the movie?
theflerlyone: about 20 mins ago
bsdnjamest: what ya doin now?
theflerlyone: maggie went to bed.. stacy is just now leaving.. i just wanted to see if you were online
bsdnjamest: ah.
theflerlyone: k .. just locked the stacy out
theflerlyone: so wot u doin?
bsdnjamest: installing shit on that sparcstation
theflerlyone: oh
theflerlyone: suprised jason showed up?
bsdnjamest: yup
theflerlyone: it’s all part of my evil plan
bsdnjamest: of?
theflerlyone: oh.. i dunno
theflerlyone: what do YOU think the evil plan is?
bsdnjamest: dunno…
bsdnjamest: you stealing my sweet neck and ear juices
theflerlyone: silly ass. that’s a good one
theflerlyone: the plan is to make you jealous. it working?
bsdnjamest: um… no. not really
bsdnjamest: but you’d jump his bones at a moments notice, though, wouldn’t you =]
theflerlyone: i dunno
bsdnjamest: right……..
theflerlyone: so… how do you feel knowing that i’d probably do it if i had the opportunity?
bsdnjamest: dunno…probably a little upset… but…
theflerlyone: jealous?!?!?
theflerlyone: oh.. upset.. but what?
bsdnjamest: not jealous.. why would I be jealous of you screwing him?
bsdnjamest: I’m of the opinion that I don’t own you… you’re not my property. we’ve expressed our love towards each other, and I have faith in that.
theflerlyone: i have to tell you i’m just not sure you can actually practice what you preach
theflerlyone: i think if i actually slept with jason, and i’ll say jason, cuz there has been no one more likely at all for me, even remotely close in the whole time i’ve known you… that it would bother you more than you think
bsdnjamest: I’m sure that it might…. seeing that I know him kinda well…
theflerlyone: so you think it would bother you socially
bsdnjamest: yes
theflerlyone: and that’s it?
theflerlyone: well, he’s pretty anti-social.. if that’s all i have to worry about then.. w00t
bsdnjamest: uh.. okay
theflerlyone: freak
bsdnjamest: =]
theflerlyone: i want you all the time, and it’s your schedule that is making me insane. i think jason is cute, yes, but he would never in 10 million years have sex with me
theflerlyone: which is the main reason i’m flirting with him… the challenge
bsdnjamest: that’s not what he told me….
theflerlyone: uh huh. and what did he tell you?
bsdnjamest: he wanted to bend you over a conference room table and give it to you ’til you screamed.
theflerlyone: yeah right
bsdnjamest: heheheh
theflerlyone: you smoke a lot of crack sometimes



  1. tiger66466 has made a Comment

    he wanted to bend you over a conference room table and give it to you ’til you screamed…..
    does JT know about the term CRTY – Confrenece Room Table Yummy?! If not that makes that statement EVEN funnier!

    October 19, 2002 @ 4:49 am

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    girl, JamesT and I met at work 3 years ago. He was my original CRTY and he certainly knows it.

    October 19, 2002 @ 5:09 am

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