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I’m experiencing mental shutdown…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, October 21, 2002 at 4:19 pm by flerly.

Oh mah gawd… help me. Someone please, now, come kill me where I sit. My eyes have stared at this site so long that they don’t even focus anymore, yet I can’t stop. Must… finish… have SO much more to do.

Inspiration has just left the building, however.

Who really cares what I did all weekend… huh? Must I recap? Nah. Fuck it.

Who really cares what I do at all? It’s becoming very hard to come up with things to post about at all…. not that things aren’t happening, just too hard to put down the thoughts about things into words here.

Been spending most of the time thinking about writing that novel over November. Have snippets of bits of pieces of ideas banging around in the old brain, but nothing is really coming together yet. Think that’s why I’m having trouble even writing journal entries.

Serious concentration issues… too much to think about. All I can say is I spent way too much time this weekend asleep.



  1. kungfoogirl has made a Comment

    You should totally do NaNoWriMo.

    It’s insane and irresponsible. I mean, who has that kind of time? Shouldn’t I be cleaning or doing something important?

    But it’s wonderfully crazy. It’ll be an incredible experience.

    No matter how crappy my novel is… at least it’ll be MY crappy novel.

    You can’t buy that kind of sense of accomplishment.

    October 21, 2002 @ 9:32 am

  2. laedevalle has made a Comment

    “Club of Blankdom” Not only am I a client, but I’m also the President.

    October 21, 2002 @ 9:33 am

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