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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, October 24, 2002 at 11:40 am by flerly.

Cats are retarded little beasts…

Fatass-Samual a few moments ago attempted a graceful leap from the floor to the chair to the return of my desk, which happens to be covered with papers, and just scared the crap out of me. He is not graceful in his wildest dreams. He is a minature hippo. The thud from his mass hitting the chair was followed by him doing an interesting four-legged slip and slide dance on top of all my paperwork, knocking most of it off, until he finally got his balance. Now he’s curled up the desk return on a stack of magazines that is almost the height of the tabletop of the main desk… essentially his head is resting on the desk like it’s a shelf. He seems comfortable.

Wow, head resting on the shelf … that makes me think of Maggoo. She’s off work today, though, and not likely to be coincidentally enjoying the good stall simultanously with Fatass-Samuel.

Hrm.. apparently that was just a nap to recover from all the energy he expended getting onto the desk. A 3 minute cat-nap, cuz now he is up trying to position himself in such a way that he obscures the most of the monitor… but wait, he’s found another nice place to lay down… across my mouse. What a weirdo.

This wasn’t intended to be an Ode to Cats today. I’m actually starving and supposed to be making lunch from supplies that the Infinite-wunderbar picked up yesterday. He is tremendous, and trying so hard I know to keep up with my many stress-induced mood swings.

Oh well… lunch.


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