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No worse than Peggy Hill…. Entre la cocina y me hace un bizcocho!

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, October 26, 2002 at 11:31 am by flerly.

Cheese turned out well. I was the last to arrive cuz I was SO busy (read wrapping up a chat session) and that worked out, since there was a lovely “Happy Birthday” sign over our table. I was greeted by a round of applause and whistles from the waitstaff, and there were lots of cheese presents (and chocolate, evil Maggie!) Waiters brought me a flower made of aluminum foil, full of mints, and before we left, they brought us all a round of double-tequila shots. Whooooo. Ick. They don’t call it ta-kill-ya for nothing. I’m thinking the margaritas were a little strong, too, but nobody said anything.

Post cheese… let’s see. Typically, Skittles ditched us “to go get laid” as she annouced mutliple times. So the COOLEST of the posse continued on back to the Love Shak, where we found the men-folks watching tv and eating their own dinners. Yes, Jimmy was still in his underwear AND wearing the hat. It was a sight.

I gave JT my own suprise present (a scalp massager animal “with genuine copper wires!”), which we all tried out and enjoyed. Jason was still online at work, so I chatted him up a bit. Told him about the party at the restaurant, presents, etc, and that our plan was to hit the blockbuster in a few and then stay in for the night. He was interested, so we went for movies, and he showed up just in time to watch one.

It occurs to me this is the second weekend in a row that the part of Skittles in our post-cheese-movie-fest has been played by Jason Churchill…

We watched Queen of the Damned, which what.. like.. nobody saw or liked? I love that movie. I love that soundtrack. I love that I spotted Jonathan Davis as the ticket scalper in one scene on the street. He is an ugly man, but he did all the vocals for Lestat… so the combination of his voice and actor Stuart Townsend’s mostly shirtless body was just fine. =)

Oh well.. it’s Saturday… morning still? Wow, yeah.. slept like the dead. Hungry, but waiting for the boi to respond from work in case he wants me to wait on him for food. I need to get my butt out there and begin my errands.

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