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My new priority assignment for the week…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, October 28, 2002 at 9:29 pm by flerly.

I would like for each of you to perform a “Self Review” using the following categories:

Strengths/Accomplishments (Self explanatory – list what you feel have been your major accomplishments here at Comstock over the last year) — Let’s see.. I haven’t killed or maimed anyone, there’s an accomplishment.

Areas of Improvement (Again, self explanatory – be honest with yourself and list those areas where you feel you need to improve in order to work toward achieving your career objectives) — Let’s see, I guess I could improve my efficiency with the previously mentioned “bang head here” bullseye target mousepad, but to further my career goals would require finding a new job I think.

Action Items (These would be action items for yourself in the upcoming year. Some of these items should correspond with the areas of improvement) — Action items? Who the hell says “action items” with a straight face? My action item will be to rip the lips off the next person who says “action items”.

Training Needs (This section really serves as action items for management. Identify areas in which you feel you need additional training and areas where you would like to receive training) Let’s see, I’d like training in any of the areas that you promised me when you hired me, or perhaps in the areas I requested last October during reviews. But, we’ll just forego all that and go straight to ripping management’s lips off.

This review should be limited to one page and you should take your time doing this and put some thought into it. I really need for you to have these to me by end of day Friday (11/1).


Wow… wow. Must ponder. Yes. Must ponder.

Jason suggests I flip Jonathan the bird and let him review that.


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