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Relative Halloween Antics…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, October 30, 2002 at 11:59 am by flerly.

[11:53] Angela Ellis: did i tell you about our halloween party yet?
[11:53] Kim Johnson: no!
[11:53] Angela Ellis: heh heh heh….
[11:53] Angela Ellis: we went last Friday night…
[11:54] Angela Ellis: i went as a pimp…..and D went as my ho
[11:54] Angela Ellis: 😀
[11:54] Kim Johnson: that’s hilarious!
[11:55] Angela Ellis: yeah…you should have seen him!
[11:55] Angela Ellis: i had a purple zoot suit on with a big orange fuzzy hat, gold tooth, cane, and D’s shiny work shoes
[11:55] Kim Johnson: did you get pictures?
[11:56] Angela Ellis: D had on some black tights with white flaming skulls on them, a black leather mini, a black leather halter top, a pink wig, and big chunky heels
[11:56] Kim Johnson: omg
[11:56] Angela Ellis: yeah…i haven’t gotten it yet though
[11:56] Kim Johnson: o m g.. that is hilarious!
[11:56] Angela Ellis: he was showing a lot of midsection….and everything else for that matter
[11:57] Angela Ellis: too funny! he wore my strapless bra stuffed with socks…big hoop earrings…and man could he work the part
[11:57] Kim Johnson: did you manage to pimp him out?
[11:57] Angela Ellis: heh…i started to take a guy from works credit card…but then he changed his mind…had one lady tell me i should pierce his belly button and he’d sell better..
[11:58] Angela Ellis: i couldn’t stop laughing enough to be the serious pimp


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