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Blue-eyed boy meets a brown-eyed girl

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, November 6, 2002 at 5:30 pm by flerly.

Baby’s got blue skies up ahead
And in this I’m a rain cloud
You know we got a stormy kind of love
Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing

Today is a strange kind of calm.

Work is busy busy little bees, not leaving me alone, but somehow inside it all, i’m calm and detached.

I think I’m accomplishing things. We have a real estate showcase we’re all pulling long hours to prepare for. Myself, John, Jason.. I dunno who else.. were informed that we had to stay here until the mock-realty site was done for the show. “It may be an all-nighter,” Jonathan said.

Jonathan is annoying today. He keeps talking in his best management-from-Office-Space voice, complete with long drawn out, “yeah, right”s. I mock slapped him. It got me a laugh.

Him: hey cutie
Me: Are you on drugs?
Me: or should I ask what you want?
Him: i just wanted to say hey

Ugh. I just got distracted by being dragged into a meeting with the most rude people from Pennsylvania who would NOT let me finish a sentence.

And now.. the all nighter begins.

[18:14] Shoeman: y0
[18:14] Kim Johnson: yes
[18:14] Shoeman: u really workin or u pimpin?
[18:14] Kim Johnson: i am working.
[18:15] Kim Johnson: i am actually WAITING to work
[18:15] Kim Johnson: why?
[18:15] Shoeman: no reason
[18:16] Kim Johnson: i’m so upset
[18:16] Shoeman: ?
[18:16] Kim Johnson: work crap
[18:17] Kim Johnson: they pulled me into a meeting with some rude guys from Pennsylvania who wouldn’t let me finish a sentence.. and i have enough trouble talking with my lack of voice due to this cold
[18:18] Shoeman: kixx them in da nutxx
[18:18] Kim Johnson: cant. And i also had a whopping 2 minute warning that i had to be in there
[18:18] Kim Johnson: i am SO fucking busy and i get drug in there and not even told who they are
[18:18] Kim Johnson: then get introduced and the sales guy says, well i’ll just shut up and let her talk now.
[18:19] Kim Johnson: i’m like.. wtf? talk about what? don’t you like my shoes? who the hell are these people
[18:20] Kim Johnson: just fucking kill me
[18:20] Kim Johnson: i’m gonna be here all damned night
[18:20] Shoeman: you never say anything good about your job
[18:20] Kim Johnson: and THEN.. i have to get up at 5 and drive james to meet his dad so he can go away for a week
[18:20] Shoeman: why arent you trying to find another one?
[18:21] Kim Johnson: because within 2 weeks they are either going to give me a killer raise or i’m going to blow the place up


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