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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, November 9, 2002 at 7:11 pm by flerly.

i confess i watch your mouth move baby when you’re speaking
study your body when you walk out of the room
you’ll see how much you value my friendship
but i want you addicted to my perfume, ehh

What an unusual Friday evening.

For one, >I< wanted to go out... >me<. That never happens really. I usually just go along. This time I wanted to drag others out. It almost totally worked... not quite enough enthusiam to drag the Magoo along, but she was a sport the rest of the night. It all started with "dressing" for work. I felt like I was on my way to a funeral, but I don't guess I quite looked it. Jonathan teased me to confess that I really had a job interview later. I gave in to lunch with Jason, Greg, Marc, JamesM, and Ruk at what turned out to be a pretty nice italian joint. Felt good to be dressed up. Jason was in my car not Ruks, so.. nah! We talked about what might be going on tonight post-cheese. Movie night? Going out? Was I dressed for going out? Yeah yeah. Going out sounded good… and bad. Backstreet sounded in order, for many evil selfish girly-reasons. I explained it was a gay club. He’d never seen a drag show, but yeah. He was interested. He just wanted to go out.. with us.

So, hopefully the drag show didn’t turn out TOO traumatic. I think we can answer with all certainty that he is NOT gay. He stood by the wall and watched us and the crowd dance. He looked like a coat-rack, so Skittles used him as one. Then he was even more pitiful, holding a purse and sweater. We were pleasantly surprised to find (Halloween Party) Justin there. He danced with us some. He kept Jason company some. HIS sexual orientation remains ambiguous to me.

I was pleased with my evil dress, and I was in the mood to dance.

But, Jason was pitiful. I tried to talk to him. Loosen him up. He just “didn’t have any dance in him” he tried to explain. He smiled a lot. He looked at me a lot. Somehow, he still seemed happy to be there, so I went back to dancing. For whatever reason one end of the dance floor seemed to be populated with all the young Asian couples out to listen to music and dance. They had their light-sticks. The guys danced while the girls watched. Sometimes the girls danced. I didn’t get the angle of why they were at the gay club, but somehow somebody just knew Jason needed some little Asian girl eye-candy to keep him from going nuts with all the big-gay-shirtless men.

Backstreet, or gay clubs in general, are in a lot of ways the best place for a group of girls to go out and have fun. The drag shows are always a hoot, but more than that… you can dance without every strange single-man in the room trying to work himself up behind you for a dance. There are hot guys to look at, but they’re not hitting on you. If you do talk to any of them, they’re downright friendly.. they LOVE to dance and it’s not the dancing that consists of mock-humping your backside. It just feels like you have control there. We didn’t drink. We didn’t have to fight off skanky men. We just got dressed up and danced our asses off.

It was very therapeutic.

On the drive into town, it had been just Jason and me in the car…
Me: I’m afraid you’re really going to hate me for dragging you to a gay club
Him: I doubt I’ll end up hating you. I guess it will depend on whether or not I get hit on
Me: By men you mean?
Him: I hope not by men. I HOPE by women, but well, should I be upset if I don’t even get hit on by men? I mean, wouldn’t that say something about me?
Me: Um.. it might say you are GAY, which I thought was an image you are trying to lose.
Him: So, if i’m not attractive to gay men, I can still be attractive to women?
Me: Hrm. Oh, I see your point. Well, I dunno. Generally gay men have a pretty good grasp on who is attractive, so yeah. You may want to be worried if you don’t even get a look from anybody.
Him: Great. So now I have to worry about how the women AND the men react to me. This may be too much pressure.
Me: Like I said.. You’re gonna end up hating me for this.

Everyone was tired… ready to go. Kit had managed to loosen up Jason enough to take off his overshirt and tie it around his waist. He even took his ponytail down. She had her sweater and purse back, and he looked almost ready to dance. Or to pass out asleep in the floor… it was going on 2 am (a new record for him in going out).

I had already teased him.. “You WILL dance..” I had said earlier.
So when I grab his arm to pull him in so I can speak, I say to him “We are leaving. Happy?”
He protests, “Do YOU really want to?”
I say, “No, but everyone else is tired, and you won’t dance anyway.”
The others are already gone across the dance floor and up the stairs.
He says to me, “I think I might be able to dance.”
It was a good effort, probably just said for my benefit, but I don’t hold him to it.
“Dance your way across the floor and out the door then,” I say, and give him a push to go in front of me.

Well, I don’t THINK he got hit on, unless the aforementioned sexually ambiguous Justin making conversation with him counted. And, at the end of the night, he said he didn’t hate me. He said it was fun.

And well, even after we made it home and parted ways, I was awake and still amazed at the night. At nearly 3am I was staring at my computer willing someone to post to livejournal, when Greg from work signed on. He is one of Jason’s best friends, so I let him in on our little attempt to “scare Jason straight” by taking him to a gay bar. We ended up talking until well after 4 am. It was… interesting to say the least. But interesting in a, I don’t think I’ll sum it up for the viewing public sort of way.

That’s enough babble.


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  1. petulant_derek has made a Comment

    They play that Amber – sexual track all the time at the clubs here. It makes me shake my ass and stuff 🙂

    Gay clubs are the best. No hillbillies and more sexually adventurous ppl both hetero and otherwise.

    November 9, 2002 @ 12:24 pm

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