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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, November 12, 2002 at 3:09 pm by flerly.

Me: “Violently Happy… because I love you”
Me: That translates to, tell me who you want me to kill first today…
Him: I love you too hunny bunny
Him: that translates to me first me first

Well, bless the gods of over-the-counter medication for my ability to sleep last night. Guess I should have looked up some advice on WebMD days ago.

Curse the coffee supplier gods, though. There’s one, count it, it’s easy to do, ONE packet of my precious flavored caffeinated-goodness left in the box until they come to refill us. When does that happen? Who even knows? Must take a moment to get down on my knees and pray that it happens soon.

Today is “little” brother Wayne’s birthday. I spent a while in the store last week trying to pick out a card suitable for him, but didn’t have any luck. I hate to say I resorted to an e-card, which wasn’t that much easier to pick out. Just don’t feel the urge to harass him too much on his birthday, considering the family tragedy they recently suffered. I’m not even really sure if he’s home yet. I really want to send him something, though. Perhaps I’ll find something this weekend, and can just send it late. Something motor-cycle-y, I think. When I think of him of him on his bike, I can still hear “There is a man who lives a life of danger…” beginning in my head. I dunno.

This Saturday is the birthday of my bestest-buddiest-niece, the TropicalFrewtnut. Still haven’t decided what all I need to send HER way either.

And of course, got email from my poor pitiful mother this morning reminding me of “the birthdays,” which I don’t tend to forget and she knows, and basically telling me she’d been watching the weather channel for news that Atlanta had been whooshed away in a tornado. Essentially… a cry for me to call her, ASAP. I wrote to her. I’m hesitant to telephone her while I sound like crap from this cold. Figured it’d just make her worry more. BUT, I guess I will call her tonight.

Blah. No word from the Florida-boy today. Still not sure when he’s coming home, but I can already picture how sun and wind burned he is. Reminds me of when I first met him everytime. Looking very forward to seeing his smiling face sometime soon.

Oh well. Better get this nose back to the grindstone.


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