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well now…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, November 13, 2002 at 11:45 am by flerly.

3 hours to prepare for an ass-reaming. Wonder how I should record this on the time-shite..

I’ve been informed that at 2:30 I get to sit in on a very angry phone call with some very angry people from North Carolina who really want nothing more than to gripe at me/us about our lack of ability to read their mind.

They’re the squeakiest wheel NOW, so now they are priority. Can’t say that they were over the last 30 days. That’s what we’ll tell them, though.. that they WERE priority the whole time… and then they’ll say.. “So why isn’t my site done?” … and we’ll say “Because you won’t give us feedback” …. meanwhile if anybody asks me, I’ll say because telling you that you’re priority is a bunch of crap. You are NOW because you’re yelling, but you weren’t the only folks yelling last week or the week before that.

THIS is what I hate about this job. Being over promised out, and then having to sit there and listen to fellow employees lie their asses off about things. It’s not that we were sitting around being idle, mind you, but no customer wants to hear that he wasn’t a priority.

Fuck it. Just tell them the truth. That’s what I say.

So much for an early afternoon and picking up JamesT.

Oh, and on another funny note, seems Jason is out today–jury duty. Engineering is in a panic… they NEED him for things only he can do today. And, well, they are in a panic because, what if he gets picked and ends up sequestered for three weeks. Won’t we have a lot of screaming folks then.


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