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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, November 23, 2002 at 12:55 am by flerly.

Your Life As A Spouse According to Your First Name


A fervent follower of the good old traditions, you’re very favorable to marriage, a very respectable institution to your eyes. Loving stability, you don’t spare your efforts to build a solid and durable happiness.

However, you’re extremely possessive, and you want to keep your spouse all for yourself. If he has a fickle temperament, conjugal scenes will be numerous! Nevertheless, the very idea of a divorce so upsets you that you’re ready to turn a blind eye to his pranks. But this doesn’t prevent you from keeping a lasting grudge in your heart and from crudely telling your mate what you feel during every new quarrel.

Hostile to change, you tend to lock yourself up in your habits. Nevertheless, don’t forget that daily routine is the worst enemy of love. So, try hard, from time to time, to add a small dose of novelty to your married life. It’ll then be all the more delicious!


When one has a vital need for security and stability as you do, it’s obvious that marriage represents a valuable institution. Nevertheless, you don’t consider it as an end in itself. You’re too particular about the absolute and perfection to accept an ill-assorted union. You would still prefer loneliness to a marriage which risks to end up with a divorce.

Moreover, you’re extremely demanding in choosing your mate. She must be intelligent, cultivated, and full of human qualities. If you have the chance to discover such a rare gem, then you’ll try hard to build a long-lasting happiness and create very strong links with your wife.

However, during times of stress or great fatigue, you’ll have much difficulty controlling your tendency to criticism, and your mate will become your favorite target. As you possess a sharp sense of observation, you know where your spouse’s weak points are, and your sour remarks hit the soft spot every time. Why not try to be more tolerant with your wife and accept her faults? She does adjust herself to yours!


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