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yeah well so..

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, December 2, 2002 at 9:13 am by flerly.

My Christmas list..

Gap – Dream scent body wash
A short fuzzy bathrobe.
Pajamas – Victorias Secret sleep shirts are coo. med.
wall calendars for work & home. (Audibon Butterflies calendar is the usual for work.. but anything’s good.. pretty/scenic/ whatever.)
Gift certificate for Ross or Marshalls or the like.. for dress clothes
Need new tennis shoes…addidas.. size 10
Old navy dress pants, size 12
I’d love a pea coat… Black or tan… Med/lrg
House stuff… Queensize bed…sheets or an electric blanket…drk purple or
sage green or ivory I guess
Buffy season one dvd, angel season one dvd, simpsons season two dvd
A nice duffle/ gym bag
Anklet athletic socks
Dark dress socks
Sterling silver anything…necklaces…charms…bracelet would be cool. Rings
are size 9 or 10 for middle
A cell phone or a sidekick
A digital camera with preview screen… I don’t need the 1500 dollar model.
Any Star Wars “Unleashed” collectible.. I only have Darth Maul. There are about 7 of them now I think.
An upgraded PC and/or maybe some video editing software…

Hot Shots Golf 3 for PS2 =)
A Salon dryer from Sally’s Beauty Supply
a set of rollers for use in said salon dryer
hair clips, pins, clasps, etc for taming this mane
a portable mp3-cd player
fuzzy slippers! lrg/ size 9 1/2-10

And that is all.


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