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It’s Monday…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, December 2, 2002 at 11:23 am by flerly.

Back at work. Here at 8:30. The place is almost foreign.

It took quite a while to settle into what I needed to do today. I picked up a task that needed doing, didn’t involve too much brainpower, and probably isn’t priority. Makes me look busy, though.

Already I’ve been informed by him that I need to come check out the sexy sweater he’s wearing today. I think I was missed.

Already I’ve had “the conversation” with Jonathan about my “raise”.. where he provided me with the “percentage” written down on a folded post-it, and before he gave it to me, he told me that he isn’t the person to talk to about getting anything different than this. He says, that I will need to discuss things with the operations manager, and that he already knows I want to do that. He said he has already notified the operations manager that he will need to be present during my review, so we can talk. When, I ask. Well, sometime by the “end of the year”, he replies.

Fine, that gives me time to work up my backup initiative.

I slept funny once I fell asleep.. apparently I slept on one ear all night because it’s sore this morning and it hurts to wear headphones. I need a haircut, and I think I’m going to look for a dress for the holiday dinner Thursday night. It’s just an alternative to eating lunch, I think. After reviewing the Thanksgiving pictures I can say without hesitation that I can stand to skip a few meals. =\

Talked to niece this morning. She seems well. Sounds like the holidays in Alabama were relaxed and good. I’ve been bouncing around Christmas ideas in my brain for a couple days now… but I just don’t know how to get off cheaply without being lame. Guess I need that spending rubber band again before I go out today, so I don’t go overboard.

Last but not least, this morning’s car ride reminded me why I should always listen to cds on the way to work instead of morning talk shows. Must remember to put my cd case back in my car. Listening to women call in, have their voices disguised, then talk about how they are living with infidelity in their marriages, and how the show host just goes off on how weak willed these women must be, even when these are women who explain that there are circumstances, children usually, that made the couple try to stay together. Usually they even go through counseling. But that host just went off on them… it made me very angry at men.. not for the infidelity so much, but at the male attitude of those hosts being very judgmental and superior about what they called a woman settling to be “second best” or “third best” in the marriage.

Well, this wasted some time making lunch move closer. Good thoughts out to today for his job interview at 2. “You can do it!”


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