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I guess it’s my turn…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, December 3, 2002 at 10:02 am by flerly.

Last night was incredible fun. Good dinner at a cute place called Vickery’s on Crescent Avenue, then spent the whole night at eleven50. I think we danced from about 10 until 2am pretty much non-stop. Man, it’s been so long since I’ve been dancing with JT. Dinner and the club were both something we need to work in more often, no question.

It was kinda weird cuz we got there so early.. which left us time to talk.. and let us see all the people who were in the DJ’s entourages I guess. Coming down the stairs from exploring, we passed a funky looking, european sounding guy who was asking one of the “bouncers” where he could get hooked up with drinks before the show. I just remember noticing him.. then he turned out to be the first DJ. The second DJ I WISH I knew who they were, because they kicked ass… remixed Bjork – All is full of love and Elton John – Rocket Man… and everything in between was cool too. Then, of course, Paul Oakenfold played a cool, but short set, with some interesting video going on behind him. The floor was packed for him, though, and dancing was pretty much confined to bouncing in place.

I remember thinking last night that I was going to have to sit down and write up all the “great club wisdom” that I had learned/noticed last night…. like, how to do the “i’m carrying a drink through the crowd” dance correctly, so that you actually move WITH the crowd instead of getting bumped. Some people there were quite good at it. Then there’s the “rude girl has to pee” maneuver, which was pretty much just some girl putting her hand on your shoulder and shoving you out of her way as she moves through the crowd to wherever she wants to go… no waiting for room, no consideration of people, no looking for space to move through… just shove and walk. I also learned, or rather relearned after a harsh lesson *ouch* how to position my feet to dance in place in a big crowd so as not to get stomped to death by big-bouncing-men. It all has to do with having your feet under you in such a way that you don’t fall over when you get bumped and so that you can have your arms, and most importantly elbows, out to make some space to maneuver in. You must become an inpenetrable column of dance… or something like that. It sure seemed wise last night at 2 am. Other things that need to happen more often… going places where we can get Mandarin Martinis and trying out more alcoholic beverages that contain a swig of Red Bull.

Anyway, after showering off the smoke and stuff, getting to bed sometime after 3 on a Monday wasn’t too fun when that alarm went off, but I still managed to make it in by 9. Already I can see how much work I have piled up to do… and lo and behold, it looks like Jonathan fibbed to me… the operations manager is most definitely here today. Wonder if I should go ahead and ask for that meeting, or stick to the plan to meet next week with Jonathan AND him. Hrm. I really don’t think I have my “demands” ready.

Need to read up on this Oracle class Jim sent me, too.

Anyway.. busy busy busy.


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