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This week is going by fast…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, December 4, 2002 at 10:11 am by flerly.

I dare say I tried to make up some sleep debt yesterday, but I don’t feel like I quite did it. Still sort of sluggish, so I opted for the “usual” jumbo cup of coffee this morning, even though I swore I was giving it up. Just need the caffeine kick I think.

Dreamt about Christmas shopping, how strange is that. I gave myself a $20 a person max budget and in my dream did a great job of pleasing people. Hopefully I can work that out in real life.

I think I only changed clothes three times this morning, so it was a pretty fast morning. I actually ended up in the dress I was considering for the Christmas party, before I got the “real green dress”. I really like the green dress.. it’s very light sage.. lacy, some sequins, I think it’s pretty dressy, but James says the color makes it look like a spring dress. Well, perhaps, but the thick liner makes it too hot for spring, so I’m gonna wear it for the holiday party.. nah! Aren’t you glad you read this lovely apparel monologue?

Anyway.. played more PS2 Hot Shots Golf last night, how geeky am I? I really like it.. it’s cute and fun. I think I might add it to my Christmas list, since it’s just a rental. I was just so excited to have a silly distraction I like to play on a playstation or computer again. It’s just a round of golf, then you can stop.. no committing to a whole weekend of online gaming to finish any quest, yet the pleasant distraction is still there. Silly, yes? Yes.

Well, another request to change our official signatures on outgoing mail. I am still confused about the whole thing. Yes, I realize we got bought out, but they keep saying that they are branding our product line as “Paragon Web Services” yet we are supposed to display our company name as “Fidelity National Information Solutions” … so go figure. Change emails NOW, but we are going to answer the phone as “Comstock” still until January. Ugh. This transition may be a bit bumpy despite the explanatory email which was titled “branding instructions to avoid confusion.”

And last but not least, before I delve into some more actual work (which believe it or not I do work while writing up these entries) I want to give props to my home girl, skittles, for introducing me to the best little dress shop in town, and thus massively improving my wardrobe in the “business dress” area, and perhaps thus improving my chances of getting a job elsewhere, where the dress code is probably not so lax as here.


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