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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, December 9, 2002 at 11:17 am by flerly.

Him: we doing lunch today?
Me: “we”?
Him: okay, are you doing lunch with us?
Me: perhapsamaybe.. depends on what “we” are supposed to do. I’m still a little sore from last night…
Him: oooh, baby
Me: oh.. saw that HBO special you were talking about last night.. the one on cathouses… jimmy walked in while we were watching it to let the kitty in and he’s like “ARE YOU WATCHING PORN!!!”
Him: you’ll have to tell me all about it (at lunch)
Me: that’s all about it.. unless you want gruesome details of the “afterwards”
Him: i want gruesome details
Me: Uh huh. Nope.
Me: I mean, and then we stabbed him and told him not to barge in on us watching porn ever again.

Three whopping reboots since I got here this morning. The last one lost all my work on a 3rd version of a mockup I was doing. Had to start from scratch. Grrrrrrr.

What difference does it make.. heard from Sarah this morning that those a-holes in PA (the rude ones that wouldn’t let me talk for my presentation) didn’t like the mockup I did for them. It doesn’t incorporate the photo of their office (that they never provided)… go figure. WTF ever.

On the bright side, JasonR.. now, I don’t know if he’s just a nice, well-mannered guy, or if he’s truly afraid of approaching me with work, because he has really become master of compliments and small-talk lately. Today he commented on my bracelet matching my rings, and how nice I look in red, before he worked up the nerve to ask a pretty simple question about his nightmare site (a diff PA site). Then he left.. that was it. No big hassle… maybe he’s just trying to keep things smooth for when the big issues come up again.

Oh well… I guess I need to get some shit accomplished with my 40 hours this week, since that’s all they’re getting.


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  1. laedevalle has made a Comment

    Doesn’t it make you wonder why you came back from your vacation?

    December 9, 2002 @ 7:43 am

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