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“Sleep is for wimps… happy, healthy, well-rested wimps, but wimps, nonetheless.”

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 at 1:16 pm by flerly.

I really was not prepared for “death by diet sprite” today…

I get a goofy email forward, and it causes me to chuckle JUST as I take a sip of sprite… next thing I know, I have a mouth full of sprite and my body is screaming to cough. I have no place to spit the stuff (except all over the keyboard and pile-o-papers) so I must force myself to swallow it before I can cough… this inevitably causes some to go down the wrong pipe, ie. when I start coughing, I’m coughing like a woman choking. Needless to say this draws attention from folks in other cubicles, so soon I hear a “Are you all right?” to which I am unable to reply because I am still coughing up sprite from my lungs. I continue to cough a few times, until finally… I am able to say with a very scratchy voice, “Yes, I’m fine. Just couldn’t talk because I’m having trouble breathing the sprite I tried to inhale.” This illicit some chuckling, but in truth I am still hurting and still coughing, so I am forced to get up and go hide in the bathroom until the last of the evil liquid is expelled from my lungs.

How embarrassing.

Well now… a quick chat with coworker Marc just yielded the information that Brent, the infamous designer of our current piece-o-crap homepage, is vying for the lateral move over to graphics for perm. It hadn’t even occurred to me that one of the reasons Skittles isn’t just being moved over is because they aren’t sure whether to move her OR Brent.

Of course they could just deny my raise, fire me and/or force me to quit and move them both over. Go them!

*sigh* Lunch at the desk was lacking. Going to be hungry later, I can already tell. On the bright side, going to take advantage of that lunch at the desk as a 1/2 hour earlier I can go home today… (what workload?) We had a crowded meeting about our important new project, which I’ve been slaving over graphics for, and it’s deadline as well as the wide-range of monkey-wrenches thrown into the deal by overzealous sales folks were revealed and I believe the quote Jonathan used to the group was “it’s time to turn on the steam to get this done.”

Well, though I like this better than any animal references Happy Camper might have made, I had to bite my tongue not to point out to him that “turning on the steam” is a bad reference for several reasons. For one, it implies we are behind on work we should have been doing when in fact that work was just assigned today in the same meeting. And, I guess, for two, the thought that engineering here is steam powered just makes me think that we’re a little behind in technology.

I’m just being nit picky. I’m just bitter cuz Magoo and CSM are going to the movies today while I have to sit here and have lame meetings with stupid motivational quotes.



  1. schlemaggle has made a Comment

    ah, yes, but magoo also has to do work-work. lots of it.
    since magoo is going to a movie later with csm, magoo will probably be working until 8 or 9.
    :/ it was a toss-up, but i figure i could use a break, for my sanity.

    December 10, 2002 @ 5:38 am

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    now now, i know you have work-work. i’m just jealous-jealous that i’m not home-home to take a useful break-break.

    Btw, sprite hates me. I just spilled it all over the numberpad of my keyboard. I cannot keep this stuff in my mouth today. ARGHARGHAGSAHGHGHAHGHHGH~!~

    December 10, 2002 @ 5:45 am

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