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Egad! I’m out of Splenda already! I drink too much!

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, December 16, 2002 at 9:46 am by flerly.

Sunday morning I’m waking up
Can’t even focus on a coffee cup
Don’t even know who’s bed I’m in
Where do I start
Where do I begin

I keep dreaming about the freaking mall. Going to the mall. Being crushed in a crowd of people all pushing and shoving at the mall, or just walking thru the place and seeing wonderful gleaming glowy things in shop windows that no longer exist once I walk thru the doors inside the store. Traumatic shopping nightmares.

Funny, since I have yet to go to any mall in my Christmas shopping. Perhaps this latent “mall anxiety” is why I haven’t.

I am very nearly finished with my shopping, which is amazing considering I didn’t start until Saturday. I’m on budget, for the most part. Now if stupid uncooperative **store name omitted** would just comply and let me pick up my freaking order already, then I’d be all set. Less than a week ago I was praising all the wonderful stores that would let you shop online then pick up at a local store, to save shipping. Well, screw that. I order, they tell me I have to go to some store in bumfuck to pick up my order, then 24-hours later they tell me the store in bumfuck doesn’t have it and they’ll have to redirect me. Meanwhile, in my other shopping extravaganza I ran across no less than 11 of said items in other stores, and I could have just damn bought one. So much for that.

I was even good last night and wrote up my family Christmas cards and got them into the outgoing mail. Still have some extended family/JT’s family/friends that I want to send cards to, but all the special cards I bought “to mother” “to brother” “to sister” etc are done and gone.

And now… on the evil front. OH MY GOSH I am having trouble refraining from shopping for myself…. I bought this cool little gift that I really really truly intended to give to a co-worker, that I’m now, after some conversation about it, thinking about either returning or just keeing for myself. It might make co-worker feel compelled to get ME something, which I don’t intend. It was really more of a thank you for all the nice things this co-worker already does all year… but it was pointed out that people rarely see things that way. Also, because it’s one of those desk executive games, it’s meant to be left at work, and after some thought, I’m wondering whether said item might get the co-worker in a bit of trouble for causing people to congregate in his office to play the game. =\ I dunno. I’m still thinking about it. I’m still thinking about going back to Ross for that kick ass trenchcoat I saw, too… Mmm…. somebody stop me.

Meanwhile, at home, I’ve bought more silly Santa Claus ornaments and put up my red-lit “satan-tree” again. The living room glows red by night, and by day, the red ribbons and red santa’s can be seen. I even got Kitty an ornament this year, though James remarked that the cat doesn’t look as mean as Kitty. I got Magoo a Christmas Chicken ornament, too… I saw it and it could not be passed up. I even got a few cute “kitten playing in ornaments” place mats to brighten up the kitchen and hopefully knock me/us into the Christmas spirit. Putting the tree up was fun. I always enjoy that.

It’s taking it down.. in April… that sucks.

Well, after a brief conversation with the neice, I think I have the remainder of my shopping needs well at hand. Just need one more trip to the Best Buy, I think.

To officially recap… Saturday shopping was an official marathon Cheese Posse outing, that began with a very Sex in the City-ish breakfast at Cafe Michel. We shopped from 11am until nearly 8 pm, with only a short late-lunch break, and afterwards were all too pooped to complete our tentative Saturday evening plans. I do believe this week, due to holiday schedules, official cheese night is being reset for Wednesday night, (holiday gifts to be exchanged?) and then a trip to see the lights at Life afterwards.

Heh.. glad I’ve been on a hot tea kick … just got THIS “to all” work email:

FYI We have some guests that are visiting during the night hours in our kitchen … they appear to be little creatures such as mice! Please keep the coffee creamer container CLOSED AT ALL TIMES!!! They seem to enjoy the creamer and leave behind “a little something extra” for us.

Well, that reminds me… it’s Monday and the start of a fun-filled week of work, so best get into work mode….

Hey girls, hey boys,
Superstar DJ’s,
Here we go!


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