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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Saturday, December 21, 2002 at 9:39 am by flerly.

How many times can one use the subject line: The week from hell?

I dunno. You might note it is Saturday. You might note I am sitting at home in front of a computer, but you couldn’t tell unless I informed you that I’m sitting here staring at a lame website that has been consuming my every waking/working moment for far far too damn long now.

Allow me please to say again I am upset with FNIS/Comstock and Jonathan. The turn around time, from conception to completion of this site was unrealistic. When it turns out to be probably three times the work that you originally told us about, then you can expect the length of time to completion to be at least a BIT longer. Who the fuck decided that December 24th is a good deadline anyway… especially considering that a huge portion of engineering had already been approved for vacation for that week. What company doesn’t just figure that things will slow down over a major holiday like that…. what company dumps more than usual work on you, and then begs you to please don’t go on vacation yet until all this crap is finished…. what company…? This one, of course.

Okay, so Skittles is/isn’t/is/isn’t/what time is it?/is/isn’t/is now full time graphics and helping me. Booker is full time graphics, out of his lovely Florida home. And now I understand that permissions are being set up for a graphics person to be trained to assist me who is already working out of the Hawaii office. Grand grand grand. Where were these people while the work was piling up?

You know.. just writing about this is making me so angry. I’m so happy that it is a Saturday. I’m sad Maggie is leaving for Oklahoma for a while. I’m sad Jimmy is gone off to who knows where. But, I’m damn glad I have a moment to sit here in peace and enjoy this day. I think I shall put off my weekend work until later.

Note to self: Next year get JT something easily breakable, preferably that will smell bad and start leaking once broken, to wrap up and put under the tree. Someone’s got to teach that boy to get over the habits he learned as a youngster.


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