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i have no excuse

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, December 24, 2002 at 10:29 am by flerly.

I am simply a mindless packing-idiot girl, who when in a rush to get away from overlord manager-types at work, get home, get packed, and get onto the already traffic-laden road, decides to pack 40 pairs of pants and 2 shirts for a three day trip. Well, did I mention one of those was a pajama shirt? Yes, yes. The brain said during my packing-planning attempt, “Don’t forget to pack some ‘family-friendly’ pajamas for Christmas morning so you won’t have to get dressed before opening gifts”… so, yeah, grabbed the sleep shirt and pants. Then more pants.. and more pants, oh and socks and underwear and a scarf and gloves in case it gets cold (which it did), but SCREW the shirts, who needs them. I packed two lovely bras, shouldn’t that be enough? Grrr. Grrr. Grrrrrrrr. Sure hope somebody got me a shirt for Christmas.


The drive up was fast. I think JT said we averaged about 84.. i mean.. 70. Yes, not a mph over 70, officer. Anyway.. and then we got here and I was suddenly so happy to be NOT AT WORK that I went mental for the whole evening. We did a puzzle… well, until we got to the point where there were about 50 pieces left and they all looked like the same identical puppy dog hairs. JT’s mom told us we couldn’t go to bed until we were done… so when we gave up we just sat all the leftover pieces at random into the spaces in the puzzle making it into a surreal sort of Salivador Dali Puppy Christmas puzzle.. JT snapped a picture. You know, we left it for her to find and I don’t recall hearing her reaction. I’ll have to ask.

It’s almost time now for phase one of operation Christmas eve. Phase one is some gathering of the in-laws kids, snack foods, and um… swapping gifts from the names we drew. I think phase two involves hams, gift swapping from the older generation to the younger and takes place in some rented hall someplace.. I dunno.. it’s a mystery to me that I just follow along with. Sometime today we must visit the Janow’s. Then tomorrow, pajama gift party, then traveling to JT’s dad’s there will be the traditional watching of the Noah gift-opening video. Then the gift exchange there, while battling the greyhounds to leave the opened presents alone. Then we return to the matriarchal side for more.. ham? and the giving of the gift to the grandparents, which considering this years gift.. JT will be busy setting the thing up for them for a while.

Well, a little Christmas miracle just happened. JT’s mom just walked in with few shirts in her hand, mumbling about what should she wear today. I told her my shirt dilemma and then told her I really like the front shirt she was holding. She said.. “That’s funny, dear, because it’s supposed to be wrapped and under the tree with your name on it. I got this for you forever ago and forgot to wrap it.”

=) Thanks, Santa.


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