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how do I keep this job?

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, January 16, 2002 at 11:25 am by flerly.

This schedule sucks. I can’t sleep at night, try as I might. Maybe spurts of a couple hours at a time, but when something wakes me up, it just takes forever to go back to sleep. Things like boyfriends coming to bed after staying up late playing games, no matter how sweet and wonder he is for an hour or so, I still feel like my sleep gets screwed the most. Then there are annoying little things like Kitty in heat, who already likes to walk all over you all night. She has to stay in the bedroom, because otherwise she and big kitty will fight all night. So, when she’s in heat, she’s either doing the usual walk all over you, sleep on your neck, or she’s pacing the room whining for some satisfaction. Neither very conducive to sound sleep.

So yet another morning has been spent with an emailed excuse to work along with a few more hours of sleeping in. That’s really not good. Like I said before, I really do accomplish everything I get assigned to do, but I just have to think that sometimes people just wonder where I am. I really like these people and pretty much this job. I just wish I could get things in order at home so that I could go in and make the most of it.

*sigh* oh well. I can always use the excuse this week that I need to work from home to accommodate all the packing that’s to be done. And worst of all, I am mostly dreading the little time I am going in for today… employee luncheon, and the opportunity to tell this guy I work with that I think his wife screwed us over on our apartment. He’s so nice.. this sucks. Mostly, the rent is gonna suck, but the apartment kicks total ass.

Anyway.. c’est la vie. Time for work. (well, 3 1/2 hours past time)


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