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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, January 2, 2003 at 9:33 am by flerly.


You could be feeling especially sensual and passionate today, dear Scorpio, and you’ll want to get together with a love partner. However, other responsibilities could get in your way. This could provide you with the perfect excuse to sink into gloom, but don’t fall into this trap. Get whatever business you’re facing handled and out of the way.

Good one for today, considering last night was a “Wednesday” afterall, and I’m looking forward to a nice trip up to Mom’s solo, as usual. I really can’t dwell on the funk that puts me in (the solo… not the seeing mom), because if I do dwell, I’ll never finish all this work today so I can leave.

Damn.. wish I’d read yesterdays before I set out to fuck up my new years day…

Don’t try to nail down any answers today, dear Scorpio, because you will probably just end up feeling more frustrated than when you started out. The less you try to force your will on others, the more you will find that things will just automatically go your way. Today is not about finding solutions to problems, it is about enjoying that which you have already learned and accomplished. Keep things light.

Note to self.. open the huge pile of mail on my desk at home and find my new insurance cards for this year. Word around is that a lot of doctor’s dropped out of the program, and i need to make an appointment ASAP.

Christmas lights are down in the office already.. perhaps I should take my bobble-head Santa home. Tried to find a PacSun dashboard hula monkey yesterday, to no avail, and managed to resist the urge to buy their hula monkey pajamas. Instead spent my certificate on some new PJs from.. elsewhere.. and got home last night only to find they’d left the inventory control tag on… and of course the mall was already closed after the lifetime we wasted in Gangs of New York.

I have to say, I tried to enjoy that movie… so many bloody violent scenes, right from the start. Those guys who rig the fake blood to look like the still-beating heart is making it squirt 3 feet into the air from a pierced vein.. yeah, those guys made a fortune off working on that movie. Not that the violence didn’t belong in the movie, just that it was so… over the top. And the “drama” and storyline seemed shallow and forced, and then there’s the fact that I just really don’t like Leonardo DeCrapio for some reason. I guess if I passed him on the street I might think.. cute… but if he speaks or makes any expression or, god forbid, tries to emote… just stop. You suck. You have one “look” for the camera and that’s it.

Ugh. I’ll stop. Must get to work, when I really don’t want to. So freaking sleepy. Stayed up too late.. again.. with good reason… hrmm.. but then that freaking alarm still went off at the usual ungodly hour. Oh, and between the falling asleep and the alarm there was Kitty going INSANE meowing and jingling away with her new collar and bell. It bled over into my dreams, where I was chasing kitty around Billy’s house trying to stomp her screaming “Shut up! Shut up! Shut UP!”

Must have coffee. Need the caffeine to jump start today. Feeling weird and sad today sitting next to Marc after some of the work related conversation I’d had over this holiday. I poke fun, but damn he works hard and he’s a great guy. I had no idea of the outside POV of people here not so close to him. It’s all a numbers game…

and Skittles… dear one… speaking of numbers games… you should have gone to the party.

Oh jeez.. my brain. For days I’ve been thinking of how I wanted to “celebrate” the “anniversary” of… we’ll call it our Vegas conversation… waiting for JT to say or do something special, perhaps on New Years Eve (thus the dissapointment with the kiss and run), to remind me of it.. and well, I guess he did make the slightest mention.. exactly enough.. during our New Years Day lunch, so that worked out alright. Then last night, while we were discovering that there is no offical holiday in August, we arbitrarily pick the 6th as our “dating anniversary”.. I start to wonder already about how best to celebrate it. Perhaps it should become a ritual to rent Pi and watch it on that night… I’m just freaked out because I really just realized how much time I … waste, can be the only word… on mentally playing out scenarios of how I want things to work out, which can only lead to dissapointment after I replay and replay and replay until I get the perfect scenario going in my MIND and then neglect to ever tell anybody else what I might expect….

Ugh.. Skittles here… must work now.


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