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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, January 9, 2003 at 10:05 pm by flerly.

Today blew goats from the moment I walked in the door and heard the news about Skittles. Got pulled into the OpMgr’s office to “break the news to me” because he thought I would quit over it, it seemed. I expressed …. my discontent… but told him that he knew I couldn’t afford to quit. Strangely enough, everyone was VERY nice to me today…. politely asking if they could before piling on the shit.

Fuck number two: The two folks that I’ve been training I was just informed will only be able to help me in a “booker capacity”… meaning I wasted a whole day teaching them siteconfg and Skittles being gone, too, means I’m back to just me with all the siteconfg related reworks. I’m going to have to tell them to not send any straight design work my way just so I can not pull all my hair out. Which, really just disposes of (hopefully just temporarily) a big part of my job that i enjoy, and leave me with the part that I usually just tolerate.

I’m babbling.

I suck at Tetris, but who thought coming home stressed out and playing Tetris was the way to de-stress. Did i take a hot bubble bath as James suggested? Nope. Instead I stared unblinking at Tetris while being taunted by my so-called friends who accused me (in LAST place) of cheating simply because I wasn’t letting them get any further ahead of me.

Thank God tomorrow is Friday. Don’t anticipate the best cheese night, being relatively poor, being one posse member short, and being that I know one big topic will be Comstock’s lame surprise layoff.

Wish I had some good chocolate fudge to make me forget my sorrows.


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