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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, January 12, 2003 at 6:36 pm by flerly.

It’s another Sunday evening, at home. Been a very lazy weekend, trying to take it easy to get over what crap my body’s fighting. Did a little… stress little… cleaning today. Mostly laundry. The fabulous did the shit work of the dishes again. I’m not sure why she is so good like that.

Today I got my Christmas package from my florida-frew-nut-niece… very cool handpainted martini glasses which are already in place on the bar shelves. She also send up some Best Buy certificates, which we were happy to go out and spend today. Of all the things I wanted, I picked “Minority Report” on DVD to spend it on. I just liked that movie. Hell, I still love Buckaroo Banzai and Ice Pirates, like I’m going to fault a high budget flick for a few plot or effects holes.

Finally trying to get my computer shit organized. Hooked up the monitor I swapped out with Mom, and it seems to be working for me. I think it will do for a while for a secondary pc. Seems like there are some pretty good deals out there on monitors if I decide to buy one, but now just isn’t the time. Have the snowboarding trip to think about, have Magoo’s birthday to think about, have Mom’s birthday to think about, including another planned visit for her birthday. I’m thinking of flying up again. Flying is ever so much more efficient than that evil fucking drive.

Well, now it seems Magoo is in the kitchen working on a second load of dishes. We need to do something fun. This house is depressing. James and I are walking around these guys trying to be “normal” when clearly things are not “normal”. It’s painful to have friends be in pain and there be nothing you can really do about it but hope for the best. I tried again to talk and question and coerce… but as usual, our conversation ends up with me crying and him angry….. but.. well.. yeah. Long story that’s really not tellable.

I think it’s time to try to enjoy a little bit of this weekend. Maybe get some people together for a game.


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