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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, January 14, 2003 at 4:13 pm by flerly.

in the heat of the moment, that is.. in my fury to type these entries quickly, or emails.. or whatever… i can’t spell for shit. i don’t type worth a damn. i use every 1337 slang typo term i can muster, including luv for love because it is really one less letter to type….

yet, when i am writing something intended to be professional, such as a business letter or email, i do at the very least use the spell checker and read it over for grammar usage, which i do actually know even if i tend to ignore them most times…

i guess what i’m saying is that i expect the same sort of things from people who send me business items. what i’m really saying is someone take this red pen away from me

i know i post goofy grammar stuff sometimes, but the rest of the story is that by the time i post it, i’ve already printed it, marked it up with red ink, let it sit on my desk for a while to glance down at and have a chuckle, and essentially be preoccupied with to the point that i don’t really READ the message until much later… when the novelty wears off “in do time”. (That’s the one for today, btw.)

i’m just venting… it’s been a weird day. i’m still feeling like crap. my stupid freaking head is so stopped up, i thought it was just at home, like maybe we needed to vacuum really well and maybe change the air filters (and i’m not saying we don’t) but it’s even bothering me at work. half the time i can’t breathe through my nose at all, i KNOW it is whistling, i’m probably snoring all night long.. i dunno.. i’m just miserable and achy.

this morning, i had to stop and really think to figure out what day of the week it was. last night i totally blanked on what night of the week Buffy comes on. i hadn’t a clue. my brain just isn’t working. my balance feels off, i keep seeing bright spots out of the corner of my eyes, and i feel dizzy as i get up or sit down. all in all — head cold. Annoying and here to stay.

This weekend… cheese (finally! although i can’t say at this moment i imagine having a stomach for it) then what… i should hang out a bit here at Com.. FNIS, I mean.. and set up my new pc, install everything, etc. Billy’s party is that day, but so is Jane’s baby shower and Bruce’s poker-night party, and so is the Contour meet… not that i planned to go to any of the above really. I just can’t psych myself up for Billy’s party… just not in the drinking frame of mind at all…. even with the cute new martini glasses I now own.

Let’s see… other things to babble about…

  • My hair is now short enough to actually STICK UP in back when I sleep on it funny.
  • It’s really getting on my last nerve when mom says to me “I can’t talk to you because you put things on the internet”
  • Having the same conversation over and over, one that I admit I’ve had with him years before, with a certain hard-headed friend is giving me grief. What’s the phrase… It’s deja vu all over again.
  • I’m still really ticked off about how Com.. FNIS.. treated Skittles. Besides pissed at the situation, I’m pissed at the piles of work I now have again. Just like before. They taunt me with help, let me get used to it, then take it away.
  • I really wish I could record people’s conversation with me, so I could prove to them that they said things they later deny… MOM… JIM… ugh.
  • I’m tired of hearing “people change”. Fine. You changed once. Now change back.

That’s enough. Marc is on one side of me talking LOUDLY on his phone. Billy is on the other side talking LOUDLY to John. Sean is behind me on his phone, and even the headphones can’t drown out the noise enough to let me concentrate.

I need to just do some mindless photoshop experimentation and chill out until time to go home.

Joy. Home.


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