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oh mah gawd

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, January 15, 2003 at 9:46 am by flerly.

There are times when you feel fortunate to have the habit of habitually setting your alarm an hour before you really need to be up because you have grown accustomed to the ritual morning snooze-bar routine… seeing the alarm set for 7:15 isn’t so bad, when your brain knows if you’re up by 8:15 you can STILL make it, even though you don’t always snooze the whole hour away.

The same habit is fortunate when you are still awake and looking at the clock that says 4:50 am, cringing at the thought of the alarm going off at 7:15 then realizing that you can just pop it up to 8:15, get three solid hours of sleep and plant the notion that tomorrow no snooze. It actually works for me, as weird as it sounds. Mentally, three solid hours then just getting up first try is a better deal than two solid hours, then an hour of half-sleep while I deal with the alarm, which might lead to me getting USED to the sound of the radio playing, and just working it into my dream and thus oversleeping.

Anyway.. so here I sit on three solid hours of dreamless sleep. Headache that was keeping me up so long has returned, but this time at least I suspect it’s here because of my late night instead of to just fuck with me. I have mucho work to do, but until this caffeine hits, I’m going to ramble in LJ lest my improperly focused eyeballs create some hideous graphic monstrosity that somebody might see.

So how cool was it that we saw the commercial for the Trivial Pursuit 20th anniversary edition, then hopped in the car to go buy it because we had to play it NOW NOW NOW! Rock.. it’s up to date thru last year, with questions about the Sims: Hot Date, stupid recent realty TV shows, and other things that you just don’t expect from your Trivial Pursuit. Couldn’t help thinking, though, that what our apartment needed was really another copy of trivial pursuit. I already use one box to hold up my spare monitor. I think we left another box at Billy’s house in case we ever wanted to play during one of his parties, and I’m sure there are still at least three other versions in the stack of our tabletop games in the living room (along with the Magster’s Hungry Hungry Hippos and Apples to Apples).

Anyway… I’m starting to feel the flow of the caffeine through my veins (as well as hear the sound of Jonathan’s phone voice.. Can you hear me now?) so I’d better pull up some stuff that at least looks like work.

Wonder where I’ll find some of that…


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