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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, January 27, 2003 at 11:00 am by flerly.

Well, after what turned out to be a pretty nice and relaxing weekend at home with JamesT, I’m back at a job I’m feeling burnt out on. I’m supposed to start training Brent this morning, but I’m sort of putting it off by getting him to handle a mockup revisions (version… 5?) for Carmen.

Carmen, Carmen, Carmen. I’ve already had a discussion about how much crack Carmen is smoking. David Rhoades just came over to ask whether Carmen had said anything to me about a R/M Westside site, because she had just left him an “angry” voicemail about why weren’t the new graphics up. He is clueless, so he asks me. I am clueless. We decide SHE is clueless, since she can’t rightly get angry when we don’t do things that she never told us to do in the first place.

So, I heard this morning the news I’ve been waiting for… my aunt finally died today at 6 a.m. She’d been at home, on her deathbed, for months now, suffering from the same cancer that took Dad. I’m sorry it happened this morning, because that means the viewing/service will be during the week, and I really don’t think I can make it up for it. I know that sis and I have tentative plans to visit mom for her birthday, which were supposed to be the weekend BEFORE it (hence this weekend), but since sis will probably go up for the funeral, I’m betting we postpone the mom trip until the weekend after her birthday. Either way is fine with me. That also reminds me that this year was the first one in a very long time that I let slip by the date of January 18th (mom & dad’s wedding anniversary) without so much as a phone call.

Anyway.. back to… the weekend was fairly fun. Poor swollen and sore JamesT, whom I could not ask to go snowboarding again in that condition, made it home Friday to spend his weekend off at home with me. We did end up bowling, which was very fun. We were supposed to hook up to see a couple movies, but the crowd at the Cracker Barrell wouldn’t let us make it in time. That was okay, because it was a pretty nice day weather-wise on Saturday, and neither of us really felt like sitting in a theater on such a day. The posse managed to get together Saturday night at the Love Shack after a Hibachi-Magoo-Birthday fest to watch some Austin Powers and play games. Apples to Apples is really fun, btw. A kiddie game, yes, but keep in mind we were playing Hungry Hungry Hippos the night before!

Oh well… I think I’ve babbled on enough. Time to figure out what’s on my to do list for the day/week and get to work.


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