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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, January 30, 2003 at 11:31 am by flerly.

Is everybody under controls?

Oh….come and take me away
Oh….’cause everything is wrong today
I look the east, there are colors in the sky
The sun on my face, and oh I’ve started to cry

Is everybody under controls?
‘Cause everytime you touch me I feel like I’m being born
Everytime you touch me I feel like I need some more
Love’s all high, never feeling bad
Used to be alone now I feel so glad
Everytime you touch me I feel like I’m being born

Anytime you need some peace
Come along, and stay with me
The forest burns, there are fires in the sky
Is everybody under controls?

I wonder… can woman live on coffee alone?

Spent couple solid hours last night tweaking a mockup version 4 into a super-mockup version 5 only to find out first thing this morning that Marc forgot to give me some details and I had to make changes. To paraphrase Tony the Tiger, Grrrrrreat!

Hair is funkified today… I let it go wavy and to me, it’s weird. I meant to get up early and wash and straighten it, but another 3 am night with headaches/neck pain made it be 8:30 by the time I truly realized the alarm was going off, so I just didn’t have time. The alarm goes off at 7:15, fyi. Yes, that’s over an hour of snoozing the alarm that I totally don’t remember. *sigh*

Since I stayed home yesterday to de-funk and rest, I just got to bring in my new ThinkGeek monitor rear-view mirror today. (a twin of Magoo’s late b-day present. figured we both needed them) On the bright side, there’s so much crap sitting all over my desk and hanging on my cube walls that nobody has yet noticed the mirror. Strangely, though, I find myself compelled to check so often that i’m afraid it may become distracting. Perhaps it’s just the newness of it.

Add some icky muscle cramps to this morning’s sore throat funk. I still feel so freaking dehydrated… i cannot get enough lotion or enough to drink. Perhaps I should switch to water instead of marathon drinking this smooth warm caffeinated goodness that I think I could live on. It’s a trade off whether the soothing effects of the hot coffee on my throat are better than the hydrating effects of straight water, I guess.

I don’t think there’s anything more soul-soothing than giggles late into the night, even if it does cut down on sleep. I’m pretty sure I have a faultless method of illiciting giggles from now that I know the latest story about his mom. In the course of making her best “mom” conversation (such as informing HIM of the latest computer viruses, etc.) she informs him that crazy co-worker of hers Hillary/Tiffany is going to the Chamber in Atlanta soon, and asking him if he plans on going. Just thinking of him informing his MOTHER that he doesn’t frequent S&M clubs causes me to giggle still.


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