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“As you wish…”

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, February 27, 2002 at 12:56 pm by flerly.

Damn is Carey Elwes hot… um.. er… um…

This apartment sucks! It’s so freaking cold! That’s all I need, get over being sick and then have the weather turn freezing so I get sick again. Not this white girl, I’m staying in, and fortifying with OJ and hot soup.

Have nothing but tedious work to do that is as good done from here as there in the remote ice-box called work. They scheduled a GREAT time to have people come work on the heating and air units and cut big holes in the ceiling.

Ugh. I really need to see somebody about these manic/depressive mood swings. Wish I could just blame it on PMS. “No more rhymes now.. I mean it!” — “Anybody want a peanut?”

Oh well… work calls.



  1. viciouslysweet has made a Comment

    January 1, 2001 @ 12:00 am

  2. viciouslysweet has made a Comment

    Sorry your cold! Maybe you could run out and by a small space heater, I saw some at Walmart that were about a 10 inch cube. Maybe you could run out get one, then take it back when things are fixed; if you decided you did not want to keep it.

    February 27, 2002 @ 5:35 am

  3. flerly has made a Comment

    Nah… getting a space heater means venturing out from my cold, but not so cold as the outdoors, apartment. Think i’ll stick with hot chocolate, hot soup, and a hot bath in a bit.

    February 27, 2002 @ 5:43 am

  4. viciouslysweet has made a Comment

    What do you say we split Cary Elwes? He is too much man for just one woman. We will do this completely fair. You get the top half, and I’ll take the bottom half. Deal?

    Don’t worry about J.. he’s not *jealous* he won’t mind.

    February 27, 2002 @ 8:45 am

  5. flerly has made a Comment

    Not a bad deal… I can live with a nice pair of creative hands and that fab british-accented tongue. But, just to be fair… maybe we can alternate parts.

    February 27, 2002 @ 8:51 am

  6. infinite1der has made a Comment

    You HATE Carey Elwes. Anytime we’ve ever passed Men In Tights, you run off screaming…

    ugh… you women..

    February 27, 2002 @ 8:57 am

  7. schlemaggle has made a Comment

    Carey Elwes. yumm.

    you may not be able to blame the mood-swingings on PMS, but you are allowed to blame them on sympathy-menstruation-your body wanting to cycle up with other women you’re around but not being able to-type-stuff. 🙂 that would give both of us excuses to be lamers and not work out. like, ever again. i’m having sympathy cramps for you…you have them for me…it’s an even trade. well, not so even, but i don’t mind taking this one for the all-female team.

    February 27, 2002 @ 9:27 am

  8. flerly has made a Comment

    Dunno who you’re talking to.. but this girl never ran from Men in Tights… silly boy. I’ve probably seen it 20 times.

    I recognize it’s dumb, but it’s Mel Brooks… so, hence it’s a great kind of dumb.

    February 27, 2002 @ 9:58 am

  9. viciouslysweet has made a Comment

    Well, Well, Well…It’s seems J is a trifle jealous of your attraction to Cary Elwes.

    And you say you got a 14 on the jealousy quiz? Hmmmm….

    February 27, 2002 @ 12:12 pm

  10. infinite1der has made a Comment

    I show no jealousy at all! I was meagerly stating a fact.

    February 27, 2002 @ 4:43 pm

  11. viciouslysweet has made a Comment

    *cough* BULL SHIT *cough*

    Sorry, I had something caught in my throat. Ahem.. we believe you! Of your are not jealous! *cough* bull shit *cough*

    February 28, 2002 @ 7:45 am

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