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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Tuesday, February 4, 2003 at 9:55 am by flerly.
I’m in such a Bjork mood… violently happy…

I caught myself this morning, listening to Schooly D – Aqua Teen Hunger Force theme, be-bopping in my chair in a manner remniscient of . When I realized I was doing it, I could picture him in my head doing it, and just smiled at how fun the little dance is — no wonder he does it.

Well, I’m working on the “big wow” website… another new franchise’s first site with us. These are always “big wow” sites, because we’re out to impress them with what we can do. What a nightmare.

Joy of joys the new Lanier Speedway site is due to be finished by this Friday, too. That’s a lot of work by itself. I really need to get some work done a few nights this week.

Strangely, though, despite all this work and “stress” I’m really feeling fine right now. I let the scale decide last night whether I ate my low fat subway sandwhich for dinner or saved it for lunch today. As it turned out, after that late night exercise, I think eating more than the slimfast would have made me ill. Glad I decided to forego the gym for tennis with JT instead… even if he did end up having a terrible time sleeping with his aching muscles. I wish I could get you a new spine and set of knees, baby. Wonder if I should buy a big bottle of alleve or something for him…

Anyway.. I’m babbling because my stomach is telling me it’s getting near time to eat that sandwhich. I didn’t bring dough for cheese, and Billy’s not here anyway, so why bother. I’m sure I’ll get harassed for not going, but they probably just want me for my car as much as company. Why they like to pile into my little 2+2 eclipse and let me knock their heads against the rear window as I take bumps too fast, i’ll never know.

For the record, I did my first sit down and go over siteconfg training session with Brent today, and … well… it went okay. He’s still doing so much stuff for downloading that Marc kept bothering us with questions about that. Not sure how he manages to concentrate on anything. We got his first site put live, though, and it looks pretty good. I just don’t think he’s comfortable enough with me to actually be friendly, yet. Right now, he acts almost scared to talk to me. It’s kinda funny. I’m sure he’ll get over it.

Since I met you
This small town hasn’t got room
For my big feelings
Violently happy
Cause I love you
Violently happy
But you’re not here

Violently happy
Come calm me down
Before I get into trouble
I tip-toe down to the shore
Stand by the ocean
Make it roar at me
And I roar back

Violently happy
Cause I love you
Violently happy
But you’re not there
Violently happy

Violently happy
I’ll get into trouble
Real soon
If you don’t get here

Violently happy
Cause I love you
Violently happy
I’m aiming too high

Violently happy
It will get me into trouble
Violently happy
I’m driving my car
Too fast
With ecstatic music on

Violently happy
I’m getting too drunk
Violently happy
I’m daring people
To jump off roofs with me
Only you
Can calm me down
I’m sitting too high
Soothe me


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