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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, February 6, 2003 at 9:46 am by flerly.

Quick dialogue between JohnH and the new daddy, Jason Renfroe:
So, you getting any sleep?
*sigh* No.
*laughs* Good!
Why do people seem so satisfied when I say that?
We just don’t want you to have it any easier than we did.

Welcome to the world, Anna Mae Renfroe.

Now we’re just waiting on Marc’s wife to pop. Looks like she’s getting a free meal from Scallini’s. Apparently their eggplant parmesan has a guarantee to make a pregnant woman go into labor within 48 hours after eating it. They went last Friday night, and so far no luck. Marc said she was already desperate to give birth when they decided to go try Scallini’s. I’m sure she’s feeling fine almost a week later.

That’s what I love to hear.. all these hideous “oh-lord-i’m-in-pain” stories of woman having babies. Hrm.. that makes me think.. wonder what’s up with Bruce & Jane. Shouldn’t they be parents any day now, too?

Wow.. weirdness here at work today. Mass emailing went out ordering all employees to forget the existence of one of our products… i-personalservice. Remove all references to it from all our sites, do not discuss it on the phone… yatta yatta… weirdness. And THEN I hear Jackie, our head of accounting, in the breakroom this morning ranting and complaining about FNIS wanting to hire an expensive analyist to come in and go over our accounting procedures and she was going on about did they have any idea how many years she’s been doing this… and.. wow. She was pissed.

Oh well… have a million and one things to do, best get to it.


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