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Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, February 6, 2003 at 2:30 pm by flerly.

How can a person be so fucking busy and yet so fucking bored?

Tedious work, I think. A great big hulking, leaning-tower-o-pile-o-reworks, in front of me. Huge pile. HUGE.

So fucking boring.

Customers are retarded, fyi. I empathize with Booker’s comment about working below his ability here. Customer approves lame graphics optimized to the point that whites are pink and text is so pixilated its unreadable. I look at graphics and gag, decide to clean them up before putting them live. Customer complains that graphics are “different” than what they approved.

Fine. Have your big green website with pink tinted “shadows” and “soft text” that nobody can fucking read. Enjoy. Screw you if I ever see a rework to fix any of this crap in the future. I’m putting you guys on my YOU FUCKED YOURSELF list. No rework for you.

But i’m not bitter much. I let the bad habit kick in and indulged in a fun size chocolate bar along with my caffeine binge. Stress=need for chocolate.

And it’s just fucking Thursday.


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