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talking to myself all the way to the station …

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, February 10, 2003 at 9:24 am by flerly.

Countdown …
…two days to rescheduled V-day.
…two days to a night out at eleven50.
…four days to put together a birthday gift for mom.
…four days to do laundry/pack for trip
…four and a half days to get enough work done to warrant leaving early.
…five days for the snow in Bristol to melt away.
closer still…
… eight hours until Lanier final has to be done.
… three hours until I can flee and shop at lunch.
… two minutes until this coffee is cool enough for human consumption.
… two minutes after that until my head is no longer blurry.

Watched MTVs Clone High last night. Beat the same Southpark rerun I already watched this week, beat a very lame Futurama, beat the 200 other channels worth of crap that was on, and I guess getting to hear Marilyn Manson sing a song about the food pyramid was worth it. Same old Adult Swim reruns are getting so old. Tired of them. Just tired.

Well, blurry vision on a typical too-sleepy-to-be-here morning has just led to a minor coffee spillage incident, quickly solved by just throwing away my legal pad. Better go get a new one.


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