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Getting our kicks at work…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, February 12, 2003 at 4:21 pm by flerly.

Jason C: btw, I’m going to turn the visual.html page into an aps script, so that the ‘tk’ value is properly passed to the register script.
Kim J: good idea. that page was pre-me knowing how to make my own aps pages =)
Jason C: your welcome to add the @@tags, if you like
Kim J: but i’m so busy doing very important things right now. very important. don’t ask me what.
Jason C: so that means you will, thanks
Kim J: but but…
Jason C: your so awsome, god i love you
Kim J: not if you knew what i was doing
Jason C: picking your nose?
Jason C: cleaning your ears?
Kim J: being evil
Jason C: evil or sinful?
Kim J: hrm.. definitely both. but i’ll stop now.
Kim J: mmm… soft core porn at work … mmmm
Kim J: i’m an evil evil girl… i revel in it. now .. wtf did you want?
Jason C: to scour the page pruwcifl_vht_search.htm, and replace hardcoded program names and query strings with @@tags where appropriate
Kim J: no problemo
Jason C: which will free my hands to fuck the javascript
Kim J: i love it when you do it with no hands
Jason C: save any changes you’ve made to the pruwcifl_vht_search.htm page, and wait just a minute. I’m going to extract the javascript into a .js file so that I can fuck the javascript while you fuck the html. sexy baby, yeah

Is it time to go home yet?

Jason C: okay, edit away
Kim J: but i dowannaeditiwannabeevil
Kim J: besides.. it’s read only =(
Kim J: FIX me FIX me
Jason C: the permissions haven’t changed?
Jason C: you sure?
Kim J: they have NOW
Kim J: and i’m done anyway
Jason C: was it read only because i had it open?
Kim J: i dont know why … it jsut was… then it wasn’t.. then i edited it.. then i saved it.. and it’s done
Jason C: oh, it was saying read only because I had the file open when you opened it.
Jason C: vi’s way of trying to prevent dualling saves
Kim J: and there is another mystery of the universe solved.
Kim J: you know.. spell check reaks havoc when i copy and paste some of our conversations into LJ
Jason C: i bjet
Kim J: SCREAM MY NAME if you need me to do anything else for pruwcifl, BITCH


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