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“You certainly can tell who the single people are…. Us married women don’t get flowers too often.”

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, February 13, 2003 at 10:33 pm by flerly.

I’m so freaking tired, but I can’t go to bed yet. Have to make sure everything is ready for the trip tomorrow since I’m leaving straight from work. Took the camera to work to capture the lovely flowers since I’m going to leave them there over the weekend, and they’ll probably be wilted by Monday.

Witness the clutter of my desk and the GLEAMING white freshly painted wall. Didn’t take the time to put the poster back up today. All the requisite cubicleland distractions are present (besides the flowers =) …sock monkey, stress ball, psyduck, cd player, tropical scented candle, hula girl, my “crazy wisdom” inspirational petroglyph from Hawaii, monitor rear-view mirror, distracting broken watches paperweight, screensaver scrolling thru my favorite snapshots, and the kick-ass Darth Maul unleashed statue (the phone and stacks of reworks are secondary).

What say you now, the door is opening
On your vigil and I’m in my usual way
I save my breath, knowing what you’re
Wanting me to say, I only love you when I’m down
You say that midnight opens its arms to me
Leaving you alone, and then I fly so far away
Until the light blurs my vision and I have nowhere to roam
I only love you when I’m down
And I only love you when I’m down
And I’m only near you when I’m gone
But one thing for you to keep in mind you know
I’m down all the time
Well I know you’re reaching out
and you need to feel my hand
You want to be understood, Yeah well I understand
I know you hold precious little hope for me
And in your happiness, I’m always drowning in my grief
And I only love you when I’m down
And I’m only near you when I’m gone
But one thing for you to keep in mind you know
I’m down all the time
All the time, all the time, all the time

ANYWHO… last night’s rescheduled V-day was … pleasant. I’ll refrain from spilling too much sappiness here and just sum up… dinner at Vickery’s again (Mmmmmm… cheesecake), then concert at eleven50 (the kick, blindside, and papa roach) watched from the balcony leaned over the railing. That’s an interesting view to watch a mosh pit from. Forgot to take earplugs, though… ears were still ringing when we hit the pillow last night.. er.. this morning sometime after 4. =) and on a school night, too… pshaw

Oh well… laundry in dryer. Better get my ass upstairs and asleep. That alarm is going to go off entirely too early. Long day of work… long drive to Bristol… and long weekend of tropicalfrewtnut niece wedding planning.

I’m telling you all… LAS VEGAS! DO IT! No no… i think her wedding is going to be gorgeous, I’m so very excited to be maid of honor… and have the opportunity to throw her hella bachelorette party of course… but I have to say, as I told JamesT just today… if a lot of money is going to be spent on my wedding, it’s going to be spent on me and him, flying to Vegas, staying in a kick-ass suite, gambling our asses off and having a blast. Don’t worry family, we’ll take pictures. =)

Selfish? Perhaps. I’m just not that little girl that’s been dreaming of her wedding day since she was five. I don’t think that pink. 😉

Anyway… i wonder… Will you still send me flowers when we’re married, JT?


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