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kill me. kill me. kill me. kill me. kill me. kill me. kill me.

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Monday, February 17, 2003 at 2:27 pm by flerly.

Celestial Seasonings, Mandarin Orange green tea. orange-green tea. Is that funny just to me?

I guess I need to hit the grocery store. Perhaps we need a pitcher of that keep-you-up-all-night vanilla tea at home. Sounded good.

(here’s the abridged version) You’ll need:
something to boil it in
1 bigelow tea bag (anything from their vanilla family will do…or if you have a vanilla tea you like better, go for it!)
sugar (and lots of it!)
some sort of creamer (powered non-dairy, milk, 1/2&1/2)
BIG thermal mug (so the warmed by the fires of hell water stays that way!)

Boil your water on the stove, Prepare your mug ahead of time by dumping at least enough sugar to be an inch or more deep. Now pour in the water, it’ll dissolve the sugar instantly. Grab the teabag and pop it into the water as well. Can you see the bottom of the mug anymore? No? Good! Now it’s time to add the white stuff until you achieve a nice light tan color. Now you can zone out on the steam as it rises from the cup while you wait for it to cool to a tolerable level.

I am already zoned-out. Eyes won’t focus. Head hurts vaguely. I want to go pull a chair up to a McDonald’s counter and just eat everything they can put in front of me. Sushi would be good, though. I need to work out tonight, but I was too lazy to unpack my travel bag returning it to it’s gym bag duty. I need the weather to fuck off and either RAIN or NOT. This misting is gay.

Trying on bridesmaid dresses isn’t a very filling lunch, but I’m glad I went. I got lots of info I sent on to the bride for the other girls to use. (I picked #4456, cheeseposse fyi) Supposedly as the maid of honor I’m supposed to, plan the bridal shower, get the word on to guests about the couple’s gift registry, dance with the best man, make a toast to the couple, get a special gift for the bride, and who knows what the heck else. Can’t really think about it right now.

Right now, I just want to drink this steaming orange-green tea, spoonful by spoonful, and stare at my sock monkey. *sigh* It’s only 2:30.


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