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oh, for the last time…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Wednesday, February 19, 2003 at 9:41 am by flerly.

I didn’t get married, yet.

“I didn’t know.. nobody tells ME anything,” Billy insists.

“Weren’t you supposed to sneak off last year?” Rebecca asks. “I want all the details.”

Um.. people. When I do, I will tell you all — pending whether I even want you to know, so get over it. You’re just annoying now.

Anyway… Don’t know why people decided to corner me in the breakroom this morning. I mean really, Marc was in there, too. Harass him about baby stuff and leave me alone. Some guy from downloading (i’m really bad with names in there) noticed my tattoo showing when I went up in the cabinet for coffee filters and it just blew up from there. “Oh she got that tattoo as sort of an engagement thing,” Rebecca tells him.

Hrm… didn’t I say “Anyway”… which should denote new topic, but…. sitting here looking at these flowers–that I had to sit through a lengthy discussion yesterday about the proper way to preserve–keeps my mind on the people-i-work-with-are-mental topic. Yes, Carolisa, I have already saved all the flowers i’ve ever gotten from him. Uh-huh, yeah, that would mean I already know how to do it. Oh yeah? Good luck for the couple to save some petals of all the flowers over the years? Well, i’ve been doing that already… *sigh* go away, go away, go away *sigh* Yes, that’s interesting, you use hairspray on them… hrm. OH THANK GOD the phone… gotta go, bye! *jeez*

Mental mental, get the net.

Well, rug pulled out from under the Hawaii job offer, courtesy Happy Camper, who insists I’m too valuable here. I’m SO valuable I get to stay here, while other people go off and train on new products to develop, and I get to stay here, supporting our current crap until it is phased out and I am suddenly workless and skillless as far as they’re concerned. Woo hoo! Can’t wait! My dilemma is that Billy wasn’t supposed to inform me I was on the list until it was final, so when he had to inform me Camper took me off it… well, he was upset. If i raise any hell about it right now, they’ll know Billy told me… so I figure I have to bide my time until others actually start to get their offers.. then I can wonder where mine is. Shitty situation.

Jason is sympathetic, though. He knew I was on the list before Billy even told me, so when they took me off the list, I messaged him. He was pissed, for one. Told me to get red-faced angry and raise some hell. Then, of course, he told me that if I was invaluable to the Atlanta operations then that meant he couldn’t go either, since he actually does half my job for me. What a sweetie.

I have the very strong urge to rant and rant and rant about style and taste and retarded customers and knowing how Booker felt about “working below my ability”… I ranted on some last night to JT over dinner (sorry hon), and back in the office now… looking at links to approved mockups and having to put them live… after I got over the cringing, I just wanted to rant….

Must resist.


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  1. laedevalle has made a Comment

    Kind of reminds me of last week. The IT director sent my boss to a training in California on the imaging software that we use. The course was for admins. She is not an admin, and most likely will never be one. The few people (maybe two) that do have admin rights, stayed here. Now she has to train them all. …In whose mind did this make sense?

    February 19, 2003 @ 2:51 am

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