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Wow hey.. this is what we needed to help out with morning traffic…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, February 20, 2003 at 10:33 am by flerly.

Air Force One lands at Dobbins
President Bush has arrived in Cobb County for his brief visit and talk on his economic revival plan before heading to Texas. He will be traveling to Harrison High School. President Bush left Dobbins in his limousine, part of an 18-vehicle entourage.

Predictably, the front of Dobbins Air Reserve Base was buzzing with media and extra security this morning. Concrete barriers and sandbags were at the front gate, with extra security check points. Forty-five minutes before President Bush was to arrive, bomb-sniffing dogs were roaming the area, a routine part of a security check.

By 9 a.m. traffic was already jammed on Due West Road in Kennesaw as regular school traffic and President Bush attendees converged at Harrison High School. Portions of Hwy 41 were closed to accommodate the President’s entourage.

So.. Greg just got here to work, been stuck in stopped traffic (on the Harley) for over an hour. He walks in to the sound of: “So, Greg, you ready to vote for my political platform now?” “Hey Greg, if you’d only have known you could have strapped flares to your chest or something.”

I noticed the state trooper morning meeting going on beside the interstate this morning–six cars parked together with all the coppers huddled in the middle talking, but had no clue about the President being in town.

Oh well, everyone is gathered around the campfire to hear Greg’s tales of speeding limousines and security guards with big guns…. better get over there.

Shoeman: you there?
Kim J: no. i left town
Shoeman: just checkin
Shoeman: just had a dream…last thing in it was Maggie walking up and telling me you were dead.
Kim J: eeek
Kim J: last time i checked i wasn’t dead
Shoeman: kthxbye
Kim J: although these paint fumes are killing me
Kim J: slowly

Guess i’ll quit cracking jokes about killing the president now…. foreshadowing.

And now for some random fun words to just throw in to see what government agent I can make join my LJ friends list… assassinate, president, allah, jyhad.


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