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not a bad evening…

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Thursday, February 28, 2002 at 11:18 pm by flerly.

buffy, buffy, family guy, twin peaks… a night of total couch potato-ness. A successful day of sticking to the diet program, despite evil/wonderful ‘s attempts to woo me with kettlekorn.

Anyway.. T-day is coming up. Day of tattoos. Really should make a final decision on that. Don’t really know how feels about his, either. I know he was still looking the other day… Maybe if he ever updates his own journal instead of being content to put in his two cents worth of opinion on everyone else’s posts, we’d know something.

Anyway… unfortunately still feeling the lingering effects of this cold/whatever and that bed upstairs is calling to me. Can’t stay up to chat the sweetie, but hopefully he already knows what i’d want to say to him… things like, “I’m all jealous cuz you go to work looking all good on thursdays… shaved and everything… ”

*Slap* anyway… enough of that. 3-hour meeting to look forward to tomorrow… 1st one in the ever-dreaded agent product series, led by my favorite person with the ever appropriate initials of BS.

Oh well.. at least there’s Hedwig live to look forward to on Saturday. No alcohol, though.. cursed diet.

anyway… night night.



  1. viciouslysweet has made a Comment

    I already gave J my 2 cents. I said that you should have each other’s name tattoed.

    I said “I know it’s a bit common, and maybe a little trailer trashy, but I think it’s the ultimate symbol of love to have someone’s name put on you forever.

    He said “ummmm, I thought that was marriage?”

    I said “marriage can come and go, but a tattoo is 4ever, unless you get it removed by laser or covered up, which is way more painful than a divorce can be.”

    He wasn’t convinced, but I still think it’s romantic 🙂

    March 1, 2002 @ 2:11 am

  2. flerly has made a Comment

    [10:01] Flerly: so.. you getting FLERLY tattooed on your ass?
    [10:02] Chemguru: am I supposed to?
    [10:02] Flerly: jenn says
    [10:03] Flerly: and then i get chemguru tattooed on mine
    [10:03] Chemguru: yeah… she’s a little messed up
    [10:03] Flerly: so when we’re doing it doggy style, you can read your own name and be proud or something…. how about i get “Property of Chemguru”
    [10:04] Flerly: and you’d better get yours tattooed across your lower belly… that way.. when i’m giving “oral pleasure sans tongue ring” i can read “Last serviced by: Flerly”
    [10:04] Chemguru: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    [10:05] Flerly: that way it wont matter if i really WAS the last one… i’ll read that and my jealousy will be fooled …

    March 1, 2002 @ 2:19 am

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