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Suited and Booted… Atlanta 2003

Posted in Crazy Wisdom on Sunday, February 23, 2003 at 2:30 am by flerly.

My weren’t we suited… dressed our asses up and went to the four seasons. Drank martinis like we should have been on sex and the city, except these were chocolate decadence instead of cosmopolitans. We missed the rain, luckily, and the got there early meaning we got sweet seats. The crowd numbered probably over 100 souls, most men in tuxes, one brave chick in a jean skirt (no not me). We drank, we talked, we laughed, we took pictures, and did i mention we drank?

After the four seasons, the Suited and Booted gang headed across the street to the private reserved dance floor at Lava. Open bar… mandarin martini… weren’t we evil. We danced. We took pictures of lots of strangers, and we laughed some more. We shook our ass and showed them what we were working with. Strangely enough, due to my own concoction of a drunken party game, I became known as “that busty chick”. Finally, at two the alcohol caught up with Stacy and we headed out. It was a good night.

Viva la cheese posse!

Pity Magoo declined to join us. There were no skinny bitches, fyi. Well, there was one, but she was lean and dripping with shrimp sauce so we ate her.

Viva la “electric avenue” and eddie grant remixes…. that was the lamest music I ever had to listen to for four hours. Good thing we were drinking.

Anywho… time to take off this armband and go to bed buzzed and happy.


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